So the Cablevision install tech came early. Took away my two crapola Altice Mini boxes.

Gave me two good old Samsung cable boxes. Yay!!!!


Sooooooooooooooooooooooo, after yet another phone call to Customer Service when rebooting the cable boxes was to no avail and most of the channels leave me with either a totally black screen or the Err22 message, it was determined that, get this, the problem must rest with the BUILDING wiring and the initial install way back last century didn’t hook up the internal wiring correctly.

Let’s do the Psaki Circle Back on this issue, okay?  The install guy asked “where are the wires“? I said how the hell should I know? He found wiring in a concealed box in the hall coat closet then went about searching for a box that brings the signal into the building. He found such a box in the Trash room, where he said it was filled with toggle switches for each apartment, kinda like a Verizon switch box. He thought he was good to go.

I guess not. I do get some channels, but oddball ones, and not even things like News 12 or ABC 7 to watch Jeopardy (which is no great loss these days with the rotating liberal media guests hosts).

Log story short, a service technician, as was explained to me is different than an INSTALL technician, is coming tomorrow between 11 and 2. Meanwhile, I’ve made a stab at contacting the apartment complex Maintenance to get a walkthrough of where the wires are and what the Cablevision guy should know.

Enter Problem Two. Maintenance here is, how should I say, loosey goosey. The phone number in the directory for Maintenance is actually answered by some office peep who thought what I was asking about was too difficult to write down so she said, after my long spiel, I’ll have Maintenance call you. It’ll be interesting to see how long it takes them. Not holding my breath. If I don’t hear back today, I’ll seek them out in person tomorrow morning, and maybe leave THEM another note?? 🤓 

6 thoughts on “Noooooooooooooooooooooo

  1. Not worth the trouble. Here we watch old movies on YouTube or other rentals. Sometimes just binge watch tv series from HBO and Showtime also from YouTube.

    I wish Cary Grant and William Powell made more films!

    1. I wish I could do that. I’ve tried. Funny you should say William Powell. One of the only channels that comes in is TCM and today is a William Powell’athon. He did many with Hedy Lamar that were wonderful.

      1. I tried cutting the cable for about six months, but I found I wanted to return to the cable. I preferred recording the old movies from TCM on my Tivo, and preferred its superior functionality to that of the streaming services, or, yes, even the Samsung cable box’s. Also, streaming Fox News, fast-forwarding through commercials was disabled. And sometimes I just wanted to watch TV the old-fashioned way.

        1. Aaah, the old fashioned way. Something I pine for. Turn in the tv. Tune in the channel I want. Press the Record button (which now has been disabled, for reasons unknown!!)

          I’m really going to have to think long and hard when the house renovation is done how to watch tv. There will be at least two new rooms where tv will be watched and existing rooms reimagined that would be a great quiet getaway room with a tv. All those boxes at Cablevision would be unaffordable. Let’s get the cable right here first. Lots of time to figure out renovation options.

  2. I hate to think this but you may get your first months cable bill before it’s even turned on 😂
    Crazier things have happened

    1. That’s an even funnier (=batshit crazy) aspect of this whole mess. When I called Cablevision BEFORE the move, explained I was returning one of the boxes and only going to use two in the apartment, I got an email “confirmation of your move” estimated new bill. $168 plus tax title and undercoating. For reasons unknown, a few days later I got another “confirmation of your move” estimated bill for $178. Four days later same email. New price $198. Yesterday’s email was $274. No explanation of different prices. I expect to turn up the volume on customer service IF I ever get back to normal. I’d like a free month thank you very much. And I’d like to pay less than I did in Bedford when I had three boxes. This company has totally lost its way. I’ve yet to speak to any agent on the phone whose mother tongue is English. Mostly Indian accents. Perfectly nice but that’s all. Nothing gets fixed. 🙄

      PS: Third email today changing my service and amount due. Now it says $235.

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