It’s Time To Reopen These Doors

I’ve long been a proponent of mental institutions because they truly serve a vital purpose. Yet over the decades we as a nation have seen to deinstitutionalize. Very wrong in my book.

Mental Illness is serious. Add to that the crack cocaine addicts whose hallucinations likely drive them to crime and you have the thousands of crazed homeless on the streets of major cities who strike down innocent bystanders without any system to house them.

Witness this horrific crime by a deranged man in NYC. He punched her so hard she ended up dead.

What will happen when (if) the NYPD find the perp? With DeBlasio’s What’s Crime? mentality, nothing will happen to this man. He may be charged but then he’ll be released, to go off on another innocent person.

The insane asylums of the dark ages were atrocious. Patients were treated like caged animals as there was little understanding of how to treat the mentally ill other than performing a frontal lobotomy.

In the early 1960s, my mom and a couple of her friends organized an exercise program for the patients at what was then Delaware State Hospital (locally referred to as Farnhurst). A huge brick building, foreboding on the outside, cold and bleak on the inside. I remember vividly my mother telling me the patients were basically left to roam the halls, many in straight jackets, but they were thrilled to stretch and do some basic aerobics.

2 thoughts on “It’s Time To Reopen These Doors

  1. My thoughts exactly. If I were homeless and living on the street due to mental illness (which is the majority of such folks), I would want society to care enough to give me the health care that would alleviate or mitigate my problems so I could function again. What the criminally insane don’t need is free hosting and free food – these aren’t treatments for mental illness and perpetuate the problem.

    With that said, people who commit crimes while mentally ill need to be in mental hospitals not prisons. And the state hospital your mom worked at was a prison of sorts – if someone evil in a person’s life conspired with a doctor there was no way out. I think that’s why things changed. And now we have the result and it is not pretty. Not for the mentally ill and not for the rear of us.

    1. We are of one mind. I’m glad you added the second paragraph. It’s exactly my sentiments. Those old insane asylums were just that, asylums, and thankfully the horrid ones were closed. But it went too far where the mere idea of an institution was considered abuse.

      Agree too, Prisons are useless for mentally ill.

      Don’t you love it when Great Minds Like Ours Think Alike?? 🤗💯✅

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