Yes Swanton, He **Can** Read Cursive!!

[Note: if you haven’t already, for full context to this photo, first read “They Have a Yapping Dog Too!]

I was down in the lobby greeting friends who stopped by on their way elsewhere and on my way back to my digs spied the reply to my note.

Sooooooooo, he came out of his apartment to do something or maybe even spied me taping the note to the cart, left this note but still had no thought to move the cart even though he says he didn’t put the cart there??

That’s some fine writing and thinking there, Vinny. Incredible. I’m guessing he might not like my MAGA welcome mat (no, I didn’t get one but if I did I’m sure this dude would be triggered!!)

Is my Year of Living La Vida Apartmenta over YET??

21 thoughts on “Yes Swanton, He **Can** Read Cursive!!

  1. Is your pal Vinny the perp? Or is he just another person on your hall? Fascinated that someone would have the balls to reply like that. Clearly they need to be cut off, stat.

    1. I don’t know, I haven’t met a soul but I’m guessing Vinny lives in the apartment where the cart has been parked all day. ALL DAY and therefore my logic ass-u-med he was the last one to use the cart and leave it. Even if he didn’t use it, wouldn’t you return the cart to the garage because (a) why would you want a cart cluttering your doorway and (b) decent folk would return the cart left at your door.

  2. Sounds like you have lucked into a lovely new community! I think this note just goes to show the state of affairs in the third decade of the 21st century, which is to say – not good at all. Are you going to move? I would play it like a triggered millenial, call the police and go into the privileged liberal routine with tears and kleenex and talk of misogyny and use that to get out of your lease. You deserve better.

    1. Honestly, when I looked at this building I had no clue what the profile might be of others who moved into this building. I didn’t expect dumbasses like Vinny. That’s a thug answer in my opinion.

      No, I won’t move. I’ll just keep to myself. Head down. It’s only temporary. It’s only temporary. It’s only temporary. It’s only temporary.

      1. You’re brave. But that doesn’t make it any more pleasant to bear.

        That note just sounds like it is out of an ’80s movie script. A comedy sequel to the Godfather, perhaps.

    1. Hahaha. I have dear friends, a couple who I got to know through church, who have lived in Co-op City in the Bronx for 40 years. They would never ever speak this way. There are Vinny’s everywhere sadly.

  3. Vinny seems very easily triggered. I completely missed where you blamed him. Next neighbor’s bar b que, I would smile & gently move away from any Vinnys you encounter.

  4. Why not knock on the door and ask Vinny if he’d like you to take the cart to proper place? Or, write a reply and ask( signed dumbass, of course).

    You made an assumption, and maybe it was the “two yutes” from my cousin Vinny who left the cart in the hallway. Maybe it WAS Vinny and your assumption was correct. Does it matter?

    1. None of it matters in the scope of life. But the cart not being where I needed it to be today irritated me enough to make the assumption the cart was last used by the tenant in the apartment where it’s parked. Not too far fetched an assumption.
      Let’s say it wasn’t Vinny, and indeed “two yutes” used it then parked it away from their own apartment rather than return it. Same mentality I suppose of the person at the grocery store who knows there’s a cart return 10’ away but leaves the cart in a parking space.

  5. Dear Vinny,
    Thank you for your feedback.
    I’m so happy to know you can read cursive. As we are just getting to know each other, I thought I would share that “Dumbass” is not a name I answer to. It has a very negative connotation in my opinion.
    But.. enough about me.. let’s talk about you!
    Did you know in the urban dictionary the name “Vinny” means “A person that is super friendly and everyone loves”
    Hmm.. I thought it just meant “you’re an asshole”
    Please move the fucking cart to where it can be helpful to all.. even if you didn’t move it in the first place.
    Then perhaps.. you can live up to the name Vinny.
    Air hugs,

    1. Thanks for editing the “you’re”!
      That was really bugging me and didn’t know how to edit!

      1. WordPress gets an F for reader/commenter flexibility to edit/correct. Seems like Blog Hosting 101 to me. 💁🏻‍♀️

  6. Your building must have security cameras all over the place, especially in the garage. Look for them the next time you take your car out.
    I hope Vinny did take the cart because if he didn’t you have two inconsiderate tenants on your floor.
    Vinny is probably a pseudonym.

  7. What you fail to recognize is that Rocko, Vinny’s sworn enemy used the cart, left it at his door and walked up 2 flights of stairs to his own palace where he is fondly known by his neighbors as Dumbass.
    Apartment living is great. Just wait til the feds outlaw single family housing so we can all live together. Unarmed. Life will be grand. Or else!

  8. Not to condone any of the above – and I totally empathize with your feelings about this – but I would not have assumed that the perpetrator would leave the cart near his own door. If I were the culprit, that is the LAST place I would leave it. Of course you never know, but I would have waited for more evidence before acting.

    1. The cart has been left there a couple of times before this. Maybe several is more accurate. If the resident in the apartment is not the perp, you’d think he’d complain to someone that another person is leaving the cart at his door.

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