What Really Happened To Simone Biles? (Updated)

[Scroll to end to see linked article. Talk about the NBC media making Simone an idol].

She’s withdrawn from the Olympics and many have said the reason was she had some mental health problems. Panic attack? Stress got to her?

I completely get how stressful it must be to be a star athlete. You put pressure on yourself to be the best but the external pressures have to also weigh heavily.

NBC made Simone into a goddess. Their Instagram coverage of her (versus other athletes in the Olympics) was overwhelming, to the degree NBC seemed obsessed with Simone.

The Boston Globe thinks the stress Simone is carrying is because of the color of her skin. No. I don’t believe that for a minute. But the media wants to blame something for Simone’s withdrawal and hey, why not make it one more thing about race!? 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

Michael Phelps has been open about his own mental health issues, depression mostly, and the unique pressures star athletes have. He’s come out to support Simone’s withdrawal.

But what I’m curious about is why now? What happened yesterday to Simone that was different than other Olympic events, or other Nationals events? What tipped her over the edge? She’s performed for years in front of cameras. Has given interviews and known the stress of competing at the highest levels.

I suspect we’ll never know unless Simone chooses at some point to talk about what happened.

Me? I blame the media. I truly do. They pushed and pushed and pushed her to bring home the Gold until she couldn’t be pushed any more. Then snap.

You look at the athletes who have been broken by stress. A ton of them. Golf especially, ahead by five only then to shank a ball into the water and then three putt.

So, is it internal or external pressure that causes the star athlete to break?

UPDATE: Read this article and tell me that both Hoda and Savannah aren’t fawning. It’s awful.

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8 thoughts on “What Really Happened To Simone Biles? (Updated)

  1. I was just talking to a (Bedford!) friend about this. We both think she doesn’t like to lose, had a bad vault, and bailed. I really think she is an incredibly bad sport and this is an awful example to set. Mental issues? Why now, indeed. Couldn’t have addressed those a year ago, or even 6 months ago, had to wait until you are at the Olympics to do that?? She had a duty to the team and if she didn’t think she could handle it, she should not have accepted the spot on the team – it could have gone to someone else. Selfish, in my opinion, and she needs to check her privilege. Boom! O/T, I hear the grifter Mary Ann Carr finally got ridden out on a rail. Yay!

    1. I agree with ****everything*** you said but the media won’t go there. They refuse to consider she might have been a bad sport rather than snapping. They’re covering for her. They propped her up and now they can’t let her down (even if true!)

      As for MaryAnn, praise the Lord. Ellen Calves handed Carr her walking papers. What does MaryAnn say in defeat? “The playing field was uneven”. Hmmmm, is the race baiter saying Bedford is too white? Once she’s gone I hope her daughters very awful Idea Committee disappears too.
      Ellen has her issues too though, the Bedford2030 commission. Don’t get me started!

  2. The treatment the media gave Biles is identical to how they fawn over poor sport Serena Williams. Serena makes a bad shot and sees she might lose and all of a sudden has a twisted ankle or a pulled muscle or a migraine. The press play right into her hands, surmising how hard it must be for Serena to be a mom and a champion. Serena was the first athlete to bear a child??

    I agree with your take that the media put pressure on Biles to get the Gold or be considered a loser, but her perfection mindset is what I think caused her to drop out. Bad example to other players.

    1. Excellent reference to Serena. Yes yes and yes. Two points!!! She’s unwatchable, like a spoiled brat who might not win so quits.
      I laughed out loud at your “first athlete to bear a child”. Serena played that card for several years after having her daughter. It’s amazing what the media allows her to get away with.

  3. Suddenly she was without the wildly supportive atmosphere of all her other competitions. No screaming fans, no friends and family in attendance. Perhaps she had a sports psychologist at home who couldn’t be there in Tokyo. We will never know what the last straw was but likely a combination of things caused her to walk away.
    I don’t see her withdrawal as courageous but only a sad ending to a brilliant career. Perhaps, like Spears, she no longer wanted to be her family’s meal ticket. I can’t blame her for that.

    1. It never occurred to me that she, or others, keep on retainer a sports psychologist. I don’t think I knew that was even a thing.
      I have to think her trainer is also partially responsible. He/she should have seen signs of stress, or signs of pressure mounting. I haven’t heard anyone mention the role of the trainer but don’t you think it’s part parent, part psychologist, and incidentally the trainer?

    1. Winner. I’ve noted that the NBC Olympics IG feed is struggling what to post without Simone Biles every other entry. They might actually have to highlight another athlete. Gasp.

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