Press 1 Now…

Oh the joys of voice recognition customer service lines.

Cablevision and Verizon lead the pack in the worlds worst customer service lines. Ask me how I know!

> Tell us in a few words why you are calling.

Me: Service appointment. Customer service. Live agent. Customer service. Live agent. Help.

> Do we understand you have service related issue? We need more information. Is it a billing problem?

Me: Service appointment question. Live agent customer service. Live agent. Human being. Help.

> In order to direct you to the correct department, please tell us, is there an outage in your area, is your cable box blinking four dashes?

Me: Get me a #+*%><~###!!#*^%!!>##*^% Live Agent!!

> Please hold while we connect you with an agent. Your wait time is approximately 42 minutes.


It really shouldn’t be that hard to have a system whereby a customer calling can actually get a human being on the phone at first ring. LLBean does it. They do it very well. Why can’t the big guys? Very frustrating to say the least.

I’ve been told the more you swear into the phone the faster you’ll get connected to a human. I haven’t been able to prove that theory. Yet. 😬

Another huge storm overnight but what I’m noticing is that Harrison is on a whole different line of weather than Bedford. The biggest storms seem to be just north of Harrison. It’ll be interesting to see if the snow line is different too. No hurry in that department tho!!

2 thoughts on “Press 1 Now…

  1. I truly don’t mean to be impertinent but why do you bother? The events chronicled on your blog suggest immense frustration for the privilege of paying large sums of money. Have you looked into how you might obtain your fav programs online? I suppose any form of technology is going to have its hiccups.

    1. Not impertinent at all. I’m old and I don’t learn new tricks easily. I want what I had in Bedford that was perfect. The right number of channels. The price was doable because every year Cablevision would create some pricing deal for me. Online just doesn’t do it for me.

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