It Shouldn’t Be This Difficult

I’m simply trying to book a room at The Greenbrier online. Hotel software 101.

1. Show the calendar

2. Pick your dates

3. If hotel is fully booked certain days, those blocks on the calendar should be RED.

But, this is what we keep getting, no matter what combination of dates we entered.

Do I know which date(s) are sold out of the dates I selected to stay? No I do not. I think that might be helpful, n’est-ce pas?

The Greenbrier reservations portal is hosted by a third party central reservations company,

Technology Enabling Distribution including inventory and availability management to provide properties full visibility and control of their channels, restrictions, and inventory

We have two choices going forward. Call The Greenbrier or look for another resort that has mastered the art of the booking. I report. You decide.

I would say, more often than not, the booking website templates are awful. For all the times we’ve stayed at The Langham Pasadena, we had to call to get a room. Same problem as The Greenbrier. No way of knowing which dates are sold out.

As I see it, if technology exists to cheat someone into the highest job in the country, hotels can have a reservations website that has some user friendliness!

5 thoughts on “It Shouldn’t Be This Difficult

  1. When we went to Florida in February, the only place we KNEW we wanted to stay was the Breakers. So we called a good friend who is a travel agent and let her do the bookings based on where we wanted to go. We found two gems through her, the Gasparilla Inn in Boca Grande and Perry Lane in Savannah. Obviously, these aren’t summer destinations, but bookmark them if you’re in that neck of the woods. And if you know a travel agent, he or she might have more success in booking at popular resorts than you trying to book online.

    1. Good idea to call our travel agent. We do use one, the firm Valerie Wilson out of their New Canaan office (although I believe they all work from home now and one agent in that office we’ve used for a while got temporarily furloughed.)

      I’ve never been to Perry Lane and only been to Savannah for two weddings, both in the peak of summer, sweltering, humid, horrible, outside weddings to boot! I don’t know Savannah as a city.

      We were in Bedford today, good news my mail was in my PO Box, and the town was empty. I had my choice of a half dozen parking spaces at the PO, which, as you know, is a rarity. Everyone is on vacation, except us. Every time I get motivated to pack and go, something comes up. And with Cablevision coming Thursday, we certainly can’t leave until that horrible issue is resolved.

      LSS, lethargy has set in, and maybe a little depression too. Nothing serious, but the move and change of lifestyle has left me feeling unsettled.

  2. I’ve encountered the same problem trying to book hotels online. It never works and I always end up calling directly. What I don’t get is that making restaurant reservations online works seemlessly, and you’d think it would be a similar program 🤷🏼‍♀️
    I was away for a few days and just read of your mom’s passing. I am so sorry. But what an amazing end of life, and what a blessed way to go. No matter, losing mom is really hard and I’m sure you miss her every day.

    1. Open Table was the best app invented since peanut butter. Nothing was more demoralizing than calling a fancy pants restaurant and being put on hold or being told there were no tables. No tables for ME was more like it.

      I think big hotel chains have a better reservation software in place than the smaller places or hotels with only one or two in their ownership. Hampton Inn is always easy to book. Easy follow up. Easy check in.

      Thanks for your words about mom. I went out to Cleveland a while back to check on her stone. She, my dad, my mothers parents, and one of my mothers sisters are all in a room of a mausoleum. Big sunny room. They designed their own stained glass window. Very easy place to visit. Because of COVID, the engraving of moms granite to cover her “slot” took months. Meanwhile I did NOT want to leave moms ashes with the cemetery peeps until they could place her. Thankfully I still have cousins in Cleveland and they graciously kept moms box of ashes in their living room until the granite was ready.

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