What Makes a Blog Troll?

Over the many years penning this blog I’ve run across a few haters. Nothing awful until I made it known that I was voting for Trump. Then whoosh, the floodgates of haters opened and the vile comments really began.

Sick hatefilled comments. Personal attacks. Pure venom.

This gem appeared overnight in my post about Trump in Arizona.

I mean, what kind of person pens such garbage and thinks it’s cool?? Thinks it’s like wow, I told her. A crazy person, that’s who.

I’ve thrown that comment and other similar earlier gems in the spam folder but I thought I should highlight the problem we bloggers have: How to deal with haters.

I’m relatively lucky. I get very few truly hateful comments. I know other bloggers who deal with serious haters, serious derangement, sometimes to the extreme that they are worried. I stopped this blog once out of fear from a hater. I don’t want to stop again.

Otherwise, it’s a rainy and dreary Sunday. Lots of hot coffee on tap…..aaah.

27 thoughts on “What Makes a Blog Troll?

  1. That’s insane. It’s awful how mean people can be. I miss the good old days, pre-internet, where people had to say it to your face. Best just to delete and move on.

      1. TDS and the China Flu have really brought out mental illness in people. That’s the only way I can begin to understand Anonymous’ venom. I hope he or she or zee will get help, because they don’t have happiness in their life, they can’t possibly have. By the way, speaking of quintessential happy people, we are headed out to Mt. Kisco this afternoon for a celebration of life for Calvin Thompson. Man, that guy squeezed so much good out of life for his 95 years!

        1. Calvin!!! What a rare gem of a human being. He used to entertain the kids with his magic after church at coffee hour. He even got the squirmy fidgety boys like mine to pay attention!

          I hope the sun shines brightly for today’s celebration. Enjoy!!!!!!!

  2. I’d like to know how the haters find blog posts. Are they just trolling the internet looking for Trump supporters? The troll shown above must have been reading through all of your posts to learn about your family. How do they find the time? Why is it worth it to them? Very mystifying. & the above abusive post is pretty close to illiterate. It is certainly not a cogent, well reasoned statement. It is more like Susie said, proof of a mental disorder. So do they actually think they gained anything by spewing out hatred? Or did the whole exercise just increase the hate, bitterness, & unhappiness in their own lives? Because it sure didn’t touch us.

    1. I’m 100% sure this hater came to me via CF’s blog. He’s been around before and it was at FWIW where I talked about my mother dying and how she was a huge Trump fan. Chris probably long ago blocked this slimeball but the troll has to have his voice heard to feel powerful so he stops by here. It is a sickness. Like Bette Midler. Like Chrissy Tiegan. So many others who think the power they hold is in denigrating others.

  3. You’re doing everything right: posting the hateful comment and then sending to the spam folder. The mystery is not who this is but who would want to spend time reading a blog that provokes a psychopathic rage? Keep up the blogging!

    1. And my belated condolences on your mother’s death. I think it must have occurred during your break from blogging. 99(?) is an achievement in and of itself.

      1. Thank you.

        Mom died in January 2020. Age 101!! She willed herself to die. Never sick a day in her life. Never lost any marbles. Active. Happy. Funny as hell. She said on her 101st birthday that she’d seen and done it all. She was ready to meet back up with dad. Within 63 days she died peacefully and quietly in her own bed, in her favorite nightgown. She prayed to God to let her go and he granted her that desire.

        I think we all hope to go so gracefully.

        1. She saw what was coming.;)
          As for the haters:
          Having grown up in MA (and attended only government schools), I’ve witnessed some of the angriest, hate filled people anywhere in the country, simply because you disagreed with them politically. Think Bernie/AOC/Hildabeast/Pelosi all rolled into one big fat purple haired freak. There’s no negotiating, discussing, exchanging ideas with the hope of finding common ground. They only care about their opinion and you are either 100% with them or you are subjected to the nastiest insults imaginable. And yeah, if they had the balls (they don’t) they’d kill ya, so they just WISH bad things will happen. After all, they’ve been brainwashed to believe that all you have to do is wish for shit and it will happen.
          Best to just ignore and go about writing.

        2. I’ve said so many times that my mom checked out at the best possible time. She avoided COVID and Trump’s loss. I’m relieved for her she didn’t have to suffer either.

          Your description of the haters is extraordinarily well written and scarily true to the letter. I don’t know what makes people so hateful. They all must hate themselves. I think you can’t hate others if you first and foremost like and respect yourself.

        3. What an elegant way to go – in good health, and in full command of her mind. And with perfect timing as alluded to by Joseph. Did she manage to get a letter from the President, or the Governor? I imagine with 100 being the new 90, these traditions are going to fall by the wayside, if they haven’t already, due to the sheer volume of centenarians.

        4. Mom did get a card from the president, albeit a stamped signature sent from some department that gets 10000 requests a day. You are right that 100 is almost no big deal anymore. Made moot Willard Scott’s Smuckers sponsored job sending birthday 100th wishes.

  4. 100% self hate is at the core. It’s what drives the commies bubbling to the surface these days: “I can’t have it, so neither can you, (then throw in a bunch of leftist diatribe and then it’s back to telling everyone Lizzo is sexy AF and if I don’t agree it’s because I’m probably gay).”

    1. 🤣 Wait, I’m not the only one to think Lizzo isn’t sexy? Can I also believe that Cardi b’s WAP isn’t the best song of the year? Does that make me racist or just tasteful?

  5. I’m positive this hater or haters came from FWIW. There is a person on our RTM in Greenwich whose whole family posts hateful public comments and photos on Instagram, nextdoor and fb. I have many of their screenshots saved
    I believe one person in their family just became a realtor in town!

    1. Agree. In the world of blogging, I’m a nobody. A relative unknown. FWIW attracts a ton more readers in a day than I do in a month. Because I’m an old time conservative commenter there, this hater has moved his/her anger to this blog. As I mentioned in the post this morning, the overnight hateful comment wasn’t even directed at me, rather it was aimed at one of the many FWIW regulars who is kind enough to read and comment here.

      Whoever it is has a whole lot of hate.

  6. So sorry that you got trolled. I think it is a sad day when we cannot express our own opinions.

    1. I believe this hater hates me as a person, not just my opinions. The overnight comment leveled hate directly at another person here, not just the opinions expressed. It’s a very personal attack. He/she is bitter through and through.

  7. Having lost both my parents at 21
    I have to say, anyone who wrote “happy to hear your mom died” is not only evil, but also must be under the age of 30 and have yet to face the death of a parent. I truly pity them.

    1. Oh dear, your parents both died at the same time? I’m sorry to hear that.

      As for the age of the hater, even senior liberals are evil. From their point of view, us conservative voters, especially those of us who cast a vote for Trump, aren’t worthy to walk on this earth. To quote author Kurt Schlicter, “They hate you. They want you to die.” I’ll add liberals are happy when conservatives are dead.

      1. Gosh, it’s hard for me to think that way, but I’m a life long conservative so..
        Yes.. my parents died the same year. My Dad was an invalid and my mom was his caretaker. My mom died first of a sudden heart attack.. and my dad died a few months later.

        1. It’s a fact- conservatives are happier than liberals. We smile. We see the good in people. We don’t care what color you are or your sexual preference. We laugh. We love our country and the flag.

          Liberals complain about EVERYTHING. Nothing is ever good enough for them.

          Tough story about your parents. I hear it’s very common for a surviving spouse to die shortly after the first one. Condolences.

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