You Can Have ‘Em

Since New York banned plastic bags, I’ve had to BUY small bags for the bathroom trash cans. I never used to buy plastic bags, rather I’d recycle the ones from the grocery store. Isn’t that what being a good ecowarrior is all about? Recycling? Guess the geniuses who banned plastic bags didn’t think things through because these small bags are often out of stock at the supermarket.

ANYWAY, I bought these a few months ago and stashed them under the bathroom sink for future use.

The problem is, I bought SCENTED ones by mistake. The Fabreeze scent on these is so strong I had to move the boxes out of the bathroom into a hallway closet. I literally couldn’t stand the smell.

Somehow the two boxes ended up here at the apartment where the scent nearly overwhelms all 700sf! My nose knows!!

I’m hauling the trash down the hallway to the Refuse Room in a few minutes and taking these boxes with me, leaving a post-it note on them, UNOPENED, UNUSED, FREE FOR THE TAKING.

I’ll check back later today to see if someone wanted them. Let’s just hope it’s an apartment far away from ours.

Speaking of apartment life, a couple near me who’d been whooping it up last night came thundering down the corridor at 2:15 this morning. Laughing and taking loudly, surely drunk, needless to say they woke me up. And I’m here for a year??? I haven’t made it through two weeks and I’m dying in the vine. Give me back my greeeeeeeen acres!

16 thoughts on “You Can Have ‘Em

  1. I recommend the Simple Human cans and bags. Almost anything scented is disgusting, including the most popular laundry detergent.

  2. I bought a SimpleHuman trash can for this apartment but there was no place to put it where it wasn’t in the way. I handed it to one of the kids. It was excellent and I’m bummed it didn’t work here.

    Agree 100% about scented anything. Scented dryer sheets especially. Gag worthy.

  3. Having a puppy again, I’m finding it’s hard to buy poop bags without the scent of lavender 🤡

  4. Now there’s a great combo. Poop and lavender. 😬🤗😂😂😂 Market it as a candle and you can retire!!

  5. Haha ha. True. Ya know, as much as I find Paltrow and her Goop website/products utterly bizarre, you have to give her credit for finding a niche market for other crazy woman who want what she sells. She’s making a fortune from Goop. Capitalism works. I’ll pass on her candles!! 😜

  6. A soap store opened near us recently (they seriously sell nothing but soap), and they gifted me a sample of their very own laundry detergent which, in its packet, had no discernible scent. Well I tried it, and the whole load smelled like what I imagine Gweneth’s candle smells like. No amount of rewashing with Tide cured it and I had to throw all the, mostly, towels away. So I totally get you ditching those trash bags. Smells can haunt you!

    P.S. what kind of puppy does Susie have? Our doggie passed away a few months ago and I’m living vicariously.

  7. That’s the funniest soap story I’ve ever heard. I needed a good laugh. I wonder how many other people had the same issue giving the store a harder time to survive. I mean a soap store is a brave venture. How many times would one go in there? There was a short lived Olive Oil store in Mount Kisco.

    I wonder if women are more affected by scents than men? I know in our household I’m always noticing things that smell good 😊 e bad and hubby says “I don’t smell a thing”.

    Sorry to hear about your dog dying. That’s always a tough emotionally draining time in a family’s life.

    I’ll let Susie chime in herself about their new puppy.

  8. I’m so sorry about you losing your best friend. We lost our beautiful 15-year old yellow lab in September and it was honestly worse than losing my parents. We waited seven months, grieving all the way, and in May we got Hopkins. Now a five month-old yellow lab ball of energy!

  9. Thank you, Susie. Our Tolliver was 15 as well. And yep, even harder than when my parents passed. Ugh. Still debating if I can adopt another and go through that loss again.
    On another note, we used to dog sit for a yellow lab named Paulie. What a lumbering, giant bucket of love he was! So, so sweet! But he ate everything! Owners told us he once had to have surgery to remove a dish towel from his stomach. Actually, that may have happened twice.
    Enjoy your guy, and kudos for having the energy to housebreak a puppy 🤗

  10. We’ve bonded so quickly with this puppy that I had that first pang of “Oh, no! We’re going to get our hearts trampled again!”. I had this thought today because our good friends had to put their 16 and 1/2 year lab down yesterday and they are in a very deep hole today. But Hopkins’ presence has been pure joy (ok, and a LOT of work), but he’s reconnected us to the dog world, which a lovely place to be. I recommend waiting until you’re ready and then jumping back in, because there are so many beautiful and fun times that lie ahead.

  11. Lucky you. I’m sure you’re the majority or else why would every manufacturer keep making scented everything! Congrats.

  12. For a while there was a tiny shop on Greenwich Avenue that sold only honey and a few honey products. I kid you not.

  13. “For a while” means they aren’t there anymore? It’s hard to imagine a small shop affording the rent for space on The Avenue to sell honey. It had to be losing money from the moment they opened the doors. Even the big guys struggle with the overhead of brick and mortar stores today.

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