Who’s Your President?

This guy is my president!

I saw footage of how long the lines were. All day people were queuing, in the rain. I tried to link an Instagram post with a scene of the huge crowds but WP is not letting me. 🧐

But Biden won a record 81 million votes? Prove it.

I saw one clip (that I’m having trouble posting, WP is acting up) where Ashlii Babbit’s mother came up on stage (before Trump came out I gather) and the crowd gave the mom a standing ovation!

I said in one of my comments in another thread, I had hoped the Arizona Audit would have released all it’s fraud ammunition before Trump spoke tonight but it is what it is. Anyway, Don Lemon won’t be talking about Trump’s speech. Nor Jake Tapper. Nor GMA. Nor The Today Show. Nor Joe and Mika.

It’s just for us Deplorables. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

13 thoughts on “Who’s Your President?

    1. Your link brings me to a Log In to Instagram page. WP stinks at allowing readers add photos and links. You can’t edit your comments either here. It’s a few of the things Disqus does well.

  1. Odd, I was able to view Anon’s instagram post from Benny Johnson, it was Trump’s entrance to wild applause. The stealing of this election upset me so much, it is hard to explain. I went to sleep on election night knowing that Trump won in a landslide. When I woke to the fraud, I was unable to believe for months that the courts would let the fraudulent votes stand. I am still seriously pissed at the RINOs and am looking forward to booting the Democrats out of control of Congress in 2022, and voting out every RINO we can. But to say my faith was shaken would be an understatement.

    1. Ditto here. Shaken to the core.

      Every sane American, no matter their party affiliation, should be able to see there was fraud. The Left can’t acknowledge it out loud but I bet there are plenty of Biden voters who quietly wonder how he got 81m votes.

      Speaking of RINOs, I heard that one of the R candidates for governor of Arizona, Kari Lake, was on stage last night to the dismay of many conservatives. And some other Arizona R got booed on stage last night. It’s hard to know anymore who’s a RINO and who’s in it for the right reasons.

      2022 is pivotal, not so much for the balance of power but for there to be any hope of America surviving as a nation of freedoms.

      1. Whether the election was won by pure fraud, or merely rigging the vote with covid measures, the media and political establisment will never let us know. They’re too committed to their narratives, just as they have been with the Russian collusion and Kavanaugh the Rapist stories. They never confess to having been wrong.

        1. Yes yes and yes. Agree with you 1000%. The narrative is what’s driving this country into the ground.

          Dave, I meant to tell you that last night I found a comment of yours in the spam folder. The one about TIVO. Not sure how it ended up marked as spam but I approved it and it’s there now. Strange.

        2. EOS, very interesting that a comment of mine ended up in SPAM. I have emails to friends and family, sent from my own domain, that end up in SPAM. I’m not selling any products or services, just writing personal notes, but somehow they get flagged. I must be jinxed.

        3. Who knows what causes spam. It’s some weird algorithm that seems very capricious. Your comment got flagged and a hater’s comment got through. Go figure.

      2. The state senator booed off the stage was MIchelle Ugenti-Rita. She just recently voted to kill the Arizona election integrity bill. Also, one of Trump’s lawyers said she refused to support election integrity in November 2020. I hope her career is finished. She is currently running for Arizona Secretary of State. It certainly looks like she’ll have a hard time getting elected without fraud. https://rumble.com/vkb1jl-rino-senator-is-literally-booed-off-stage-at-trump-rally-then-tries-to-have.html?mref=23gga&mc=8uxj1

        1. Arizona is such a complex state politically. What should be deep red instead has senators and governors who are purple, even blue at times. The home of awful awful John McCain, now Cindy McCain getting in the RINO River. Kristin Sinema is hard to read. Then there’s Mark Kelly who pimps out his injured wife for profit. The Governor is a milk toast.
          I found the clip of her getting booed. It wasn’t just a little polite background noise booing. It was full on “we don’t like you” booing. It reminds me of the time recently Romney was booed at a GOPe event and he turned on them. 🤦🏻‍♀️

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