For Those of You Who Have Televisions That Actually Bring in Channels, Are You Watching The Olympics?

I’m not yet for obvious reasons but if once I get my old cable boxes back, I may watch.

At least Jill has made her appearance and is leaving Tokyo. I’m glad I wasn’t able to see that mess.

I do love seeing the swimming and crew events. The equestrian events are often fun to watch because a couple of the riders and their horses hail from Bedford.

Otherwise, I’m kinda Meh about watching this year. Who’s in and what sport are you particularly interested in seeing?

14 thoughts on “For Those of You Who Have Televisions That Actually Bring in Channels, Are You Watching The Olympics?

  1. I have no plans to watch the All Woke Olympiads. Let them kneel or turn around. I don’t have the stomach for such anti American antics.

    I am going up watch Trump speak in Arizona tonight. That’s TV worth seeing. #TheMoreYouKnow

  2. I hear you about the woke athletes. It’s hard to understand. America has sent their best to bring home medals and some of them don’t even like America.

    Watch and report back about Trump’s speech. I had hoped a big reveal of fraud would have preceded his visit to AZ so I’m expecting no mainstream media will even mention Trump went to Arizona. Your hashtag is spot on. I approve this message.

  3. Not only do I object to the protesting athletes, I would expect NBC to pack the telecasts with too many commercials.

  4. There was a time (before I knew the term mainstream media or fake news, and before athletes went all woke) when we gleefully, and with much anticipation, watched The Olympics. It was a joy to watch an American bring home the Gold but I remember simply enjoying the raw talent the Olympians showed. Now it’s a show of who did what when. Ugh.

  5. It hasn’t occurred to me to watch the Olympics. Not live, anyway. Should something spectacular happen, I’m sure it will be played over and over.
    Hey, EOS – have you picked up some rabbit ears at Best Buy yet? May be your best bet for local TV.

  6. I’m enjoying my Being Pissy at Cablevision. If I got rabbit ears and could watch TV, it might make me happy and I don’t want to be happy until I’m all up and running. 😎

  7. Interesting. We all seem to be non-watchers. It’s sad for the proud to be American athletes who’ve worked for years that a few have ruined it.

  8. I watched a little last night. Skateboarding is not an Olympic sport. The end.

  9. Agree!! It’s a skill at which one can excel but it’s not a sport. Did I see social media footage of robots shooting basketball hoops as an Olympic event???

  10. Absolutely not watching. And I’m angry about that. I used to really enjoy the competition. There is NOTHING the left hasn’t ruined.

  11. Unfortunately the many RINOs who still live in the swamp (like Cheney!!) have aided and abetted the despicable Dems in the ruination of things that were once wonderful.

  12. I will not watch, but will flip through and if I see physical freaks I will stop and stare until NBC breaks to try and brainwash me with some woke BS.
    Last night I happened to catch a glimpse of the Aussie ladies relay swim team. Very freaky looking, but that’s probably what makes them such good swimmers.

  13. Of the three channels I can get on my tv, one is Olympics coverage in Spanish! Must be an NBC affiliate. I caught two minutes of women’s cycling with an Austrian winning. And one minute of swimming, a backstroke event. Swimmers have to be lean as hell, have long arms, huge shoulders, and strong legs. Amazing grace in motion.

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