The Art of The Park

Aaah, apartment living. We are slowly slowly slowly adjusting to shared walls, long hallways, trash rooms, and parking in a giant apartment garage.

The building is new enough that maintenance has yet to paint large garage floor numbers on the columns (which my fireman son thought would be illegal to not have done before anyone moved in) so as one climbs from the ground floor to where we are on the third floor (the top floor in this section of the building) and all floors look alike, I find myself counting. I now know there’s a covered motorcycle in the same space on the second floor but otherwise, there’s no way to differentiate.

There don’t seem to be that many tenants on the third floor so there are lots of choices of where to park.

There’s up against the side wall but I learned the hard way this is a No because the rain comes in over the ledge and birds swoop in, poop on the cars, and leave.

This is a No.

Some people covet parking close to door into the building. That’s a big No for me. Too many opportunities for things to bump into the car there. Every floor has a large supermarket cart in the back entrance and I can just see a runaway cart and a dent in my car.

Therefore, this is also a No. (White door is entrance into building)

I’ve opted for a spot where only one person can park by my side. And as of yet, no one has. Most people seem to understand skipping a space as the lot is huge. Lots of nice cars here too. I see one person with a blacked out Range Rover park far far from anyone else. I get it. I really do. Mr. EOS, when not in RI, keeps his truck at the house and we share my car at the apartment. It’s $100/mo to park and we are waaaay too cheap to pay for two vehicles when one is just fine.

Here’s my space. I can open both back doors without thinking I might ding anyone or be dinged. I’m close enough to the entrance door to lug a lot of things but not so close that I’m subject to being hit. Works for me.

I was in Bedford all morning, from 6:45 til noon, meetings, having coffee with a neighbor, then getting our mail (wait til I post that fun story!! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️). Shopped at Target too and that’s what I unloaded from the car today.

Feet up for a few. I was awake at the crack if dawn. Yawn.

Happy Friday.

9 thoughts on “The Art of The Park

  1. Can’t wait for PO post! Are they wearing masks again? I was in the pet store yesterday buying food for Hopkins (last time I bring him with me, too many temptations for a 5-month old), and I was the ONLY one without a mask. Maybe seven customers.

  2. No matter how far away I park from other people, someone ALWAYS later then parks right next to me. I gave up.

  3. I see you do have a Dutch door, after all. Just happens to be a the rear of your suv.

      1. Get yourself a parking for BMW’s only sign and mount it to the column that’s there. It’ll be all yours
        Curious if there’s charging stations for Tesla’s and such?

        1. Good idea but there are several BMWs nicer than mine here. I asked before we moved in if spots could be assigned but I never got an answer. I’d like to keep the spot I’ve chosen.

          Yes, there are charging stations. I don’t know how many or where they are but I got an internal email one day that there was some maintenance happening.

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