Oh no She Didn’t!!

Oh yes she did.

My remote and DVR to the cable service weren’t working. I couldn’t access the remote services or set any program to record.

So what did I do? I called Customer Service.

They got the remote to work. BUT GUESS WHAT DOESN’T????

NO TV CHANNELS. Just shoot me for being stupid. Stupid stupid stupid.

I called Customer Service. They tried to ping the box. No luck. He said “we’ll have to schedule a service appointment”.


8 thoughts on “Oh no She Didn’t!!

    1. No, it’s not bad. I’m laughing too, through my tears and hair pulling at being so stupid.

      I’m on the phone now with Mohammed who is trying to get my channels back.
      He had no luck. [sad trombone]
      I’ll get my old Samsung boxes back on Monday. They never failed me. These Altice minis are a shit show.

  1. Oh no. This is the never ending nightmare. Sorry. These things shouldn’t be so difficult. On the other hand, I need to look in my car owners manual to do things like set the radio station. I guess ease of use has fallen totally out of fashion. They are fools that design and approve these things.

    1. I can’t remember if I said this in a comment or a post, but every tech here or with whom I had phone contact told me the Altice Mini boxes are poorly engineered but Altice doesn’t care. Agree boxes should work seamlessly, plug and play. None of this wifi crap.

  2. I’m so sorry I’m laughing too (largely because of the picture you attached to the post).
    I think at this point you can be fairly certain that all in your new – temporary – life will work seemlessly a week before you move back to Bedford.

    Just drink a lot. It’s always five o’clock somewhere.

    1. Oh so right. One of the complications is the apartment complex is still very much unfinished. Construction vehicles abound bringing all sorts of goods. The swimming pool, which was prominently highlighted in the brochure is not going to be open at all this summer. The back entrance road to the building was paved this week. The stench of the oil was strong. They’re still working out the kinks I was told. Take yesterday- coming home from Bedford with arms full of things I got back at the house, as I came into the garage ante room, the Latch electronic key system thingie that is at the back door was GONE. How could I get in??? I had to call the front desk and ask them to open the door from the inside. Wellllll, come to learn that also yesterday electricians were drilling in the corridor by that door wiring for one of those Push Here to Open Door handicap circles. I guess in drilling for that wiring they had to move the Latch eye but did they not think we can’t get in?? Things like that. They need a communications director.

      Worse than drinking, I’m eating. With Wegman’s next door I haven’t had to plan to cook anything. And I may not cook all year. Let Wegman’s do the cooking. I can reheat with the best of them.

      1. I’ve done the math. It’s always cheaper to purchase a prepared meal at a gourmet grocer than it is to cook it yourself. Especially for two people. And in my case it usually tastes better than something I could make.
        I am the patron saint of reheating. So, you go girl.

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