It Seemed Like A Simple Request

But then again, it’s the Bedford Post Office I’m dealing with where nothing is simple. Nothing.

About two months ago we rented a post office box so our mail from the house could sit safely in a mail box until we got up to Bedford to gather it, maybe once a week.

As is the case with many families, our address is not just ours. The kids each have some mail that finds itself to our address even tho not one of them has lived with us for years! So the forwarding form we filled out had to include the names of ALL those who get (even occasional) mail at the house.

The process as explained to me that our mail carrier wasn’t allowed, by post office law, to just put our mail into the PO Box rather than dump it into our rural mailbox (and if you’ve followed me a long time you KNOW my mail carrier’s idea of delivering mail means getting it to A box, not necessarily ours!) He’s a gem.

One of the early morning chores I did today was run into the post office to gather the mail from the box.

Imagine my surprise when there was only one piece of mail in the box, ADDRESSED to someone I’ve never heard of. This is after about ten days so I expected the box to be full.

It was so early that the counter hadn’t opened yet and I couldn’t get anyone’s attention to ask what the heck was going on.

From there I went to the house because I had a meeting and for the heck of it, I looked in the box. Yep, chockablock full.

Are we having fun yet??? I was not amused. I ran a few more errands then swung back to the post office around 9:45. There, I greeted the postal worker who was the one who assigned me the post office box. What’s going on, I asked.

Here’s where the insane bureaucracy of the USPS enters the equation.

Our mail now first goes to Kingston NY, in Ulster County, a hoof from Bedford, where it gets slapped with the yellow Forward sticker, THEN it makes its way to Bedford!! The initial forwarding process takes about ten days to activate (which no one told us) so meanwhile our genius mail carrier thought he’d be best to put our mail in our rural mailbox.

I mean, living in a small town I thought would have advantages. I figured I could tell my mail carrier to put all items into the new PO box. Nope. No can do. Bureaucracy at its finest. No wonder the post office can’t make money.

ANYWAY, I was assured the forwarding process was complete now and henceforth we’d find our mail at the post office. I didn’t have the energy to ask why the one and only piece of mail in our box didn’t even belong to us.

I felt myself aging in place after interacting with the Bedford post office. And here I thought forwarding our mail would be so easy. Ha ha. The joke is on me.

PS: Bought gasoline at the station formerly known as Hess. Middle grade was $3.39. Ouch.

6 thoughts on “It Seemed Like A Simple Request

  1. How dare you question these brave civil servants? They are so responsible, I would never think to question anything they do (such as delivering mail-in ballots when they know for a fact the resident is no longer there).

    1. Haha.

      I’ve determined, unscientifically of course, that postal civil servants who have been let go for incompetence at other post office jobs are placed in Bedford and Mount Kisco. Probably like teachers, bad postal employees can never be fired. They get reassigned. Why Bedford I’ll never know but being pleasant doesn’t equal being competent at your job.

      1. And it’s ALWAYS been that way. There was one woman I secretly nicknamed molasses, because that’s how fast she moved.

        1. I know EXACTLY who you mean. 😂😂✅✅

          I haven’t seen her for a long time but then again when I need to mail something I go to the Bedford Hills or Katonah post offices. They have great employees.

    1. This move, just to renovate our house, has caused many gray hairs to sprout. I am surprised at myself for being so stressed. You’d think we’d become homeless. Instead we are among the lucky to be able to afford a roof over our heads while our house gets a face lift. But every moment, every aspect of the move has aged me in ways I didn’t see coming. It’s an eerie feeling.

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