When Harry (Should Have) Met Sally

Hapless Harry, formerly known as Prince, is rumored to be writing a tell-all book about the Royal Family.

Poor poor Harry, like a lost sheep, emotionally controlled by the manipulative Meghan, who I am 10000% sure is behind Harry’s decision to pen a few choice words about how awful his childhood was.

Okay, we get it Harry, you aren’t going to be King. Your brother married a prettier, happier-with-herself woman. Your father cheated on your mother and drove her to her death, literally and figuratively. You miss your mum. I can see how all that might require some therapy to work out. No problem. Get all the help you need. I imagine there’s even a room in your new cottage where a therapist could come for a home visit and you’d be afforded total privacy.

But please, don’t go telling family secrets or airing the Royal dirty laundry, for lots of reasons but most especially because your grandmother, The Queen, is not only still very much alive, but she’s very much involved in the lives of her children and grandchildren. I don’t think there’s any hope Harry’s father will sit him down and tell him not to write a book. I think Harry sees that his mother aired her laundry during the turbulent years, and was given some sympathy (not by the Royals though) so perhaps that’s what Harry wants from the public, sympathy. He won’t get it from his brother or his father, that’s for sure.

When Meghan first dated Harry and realized it was Kate getting all the positive publicity, Meghan said to herself, right then and there, before the wedding, I’ll have what she’s having. As far as I can tell, the press still finds Meghan unlikable, no matter how many interviews she gives to Oprah.

I hope Harry and Meghan live a long and happy life together. I may not like Meghan but I don’t get a vote. So go silently into your American Dream. Make millions, I don’t care. Just leave your personal lives out of the press.

Another gray and dreary day. Enough already. Bring me some sunshine. At least I am getting cable TV and my own WiFi today. Fingers crossed.

UPDATE: Per their usual, the NY Post cover gets Harry and MeGain right. Ha ha ha ha.

2 thoughts on “When Harry (Should Have) Met Sally

  1. My reaction was similar to yours. It was on no, please don’t, & if you do, I will never read it. I expect nothing but that which upholds Meghan’s brand. Woke, victimized, poor little put upon, rich, celebrity. I am an avid reader, I read books rather than watch TV. I visit the library either on line or in person every day. But I will not go near this.

    1. I’m am duly impressed with your reading, especially love that you are always at the Library! Our little local libraries are such gems. I read that Katonah Library is looking for more funds.

      As for Harry, your comment is spot on. Nothing will be written that soils Little Miss Muffet’s Tuffet. Meghan and her people will get final editorial say on Harry’s story. I’m no doctor but IMHO Harry has been brainwashed, as thoroughly as those people who drank the KoolAid in Jonestown. Harry can’t even see yet how bad Meghan is for him. Sigh.

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