Tile Tile Tile!

Half ALL the fun of renovating a house is picking out new stuff. Like bathroom fixtures and my personal favorite, tile.

There are currently two bathrooms upstairs, both of which are getting a complete overhaul. One, a hallway bath not connected to any bedroom, is going to be wider by making the room next to it smaller. The existing second bath will go in the dumpster. In its place, there will be a new bath ensuite to a guest room but with a pocket door on the other side for access by people sitting in the upstairs TV Room.

We’re also creating a new master suite upstairs with a new master bath. It took us forever to get the layout right. I wanted a dressing table area separate from the bathroom vanity. We had designed the shower too big at one point that it made putting a tub in there awkward. Anyway, we finally got it to where we liked it and set about shopping for tile for those three baths.

For now, this is the tile for the master bath. The basket weave is for the bathroom floor. The smaller brick shape tile is for the shower floor, then the walls and backsplash will be simple 3×12 white tiles. Clean. Pretty. Done.

The ensuite guest room bath….floor is hexagon tile. Everything else, that simple easy 3×12 white.

The hallway bath is long and, while going to be wider than it is now, is still not wide nor big. I wanted to make a statement on the floors by putting a fun penny tile there and I found a really pretty blue one, but every time I see photos of penny tiles installed, all my eye catches is the white line where two sections meet. It’s very distracting so I’m not sure what tile I’ll do there.

This is actually royal blue penny tiles but the light in the tile showroom and the bad photo taker I am on my phone makes the penny tiles look black. They are not black.

But the more I look at penny tile photos, the more my eye sees where the penny tile sheets connect. There’s a definite line, at least to my eye, and I’m afraid in a long room, all I’d notice is the line, not the tile itself. I know, because we put some small white fish scale tiles as a backsplash behind the tub surround in the downstairs master bath and honestly, all I see is the where the lines meet, not the tile.

So back to square one for the the long hallway bath and starting the process of picking the tile for the new mudroom. That’s proved much harder than I thought because I first have to decide if I want something in a herringbone pattern or a traditional brick layout. More on the mudroom another post. Of all the new additions to the house, the mudroom and walk-in pantry make me the happiest. Two things I’ve always wanted but never had in a house.

And finally, Cablevision is coming today, the appointment between 11 and 2, but I can log in and see where the truck is. Hmmmmm, not between 11 and 2???

6 thoughts on “Tile Tile Tile!

  1. This is kind of sad, actually, but my greatest talent is – color. I have an uncanny knack for knowing what is going to look good, and your tile color/style choices are outstanding 👏🏻 And pretty timeless. You’re not going to hate them in five years.
    Be careful with navy blue, though. It CAN look black. Especially since you probably don’t know what the light will be like in that new bathroom. That said, a lot of my decor is navy blue. It’s such a rich and calming color.

    1. 😍. Thanks.
      I’ve been on a blue kick lately. Looking at and saving photos of blue tiles for things like the kitchen backsplash, the laundry room walls, maybe even the mudroom floor. Less navy blue, more teals and ocean/sea blues. I have zero blue in the house now but I did just buy a navy blue sofa for the apartment (but truth be told it was the ONLY sofa at Raymour & Flanagan that was in stock. All the others were back ordered into September and October.
      I found a company called TileBar that allows for purchasing samples. Ive ordered many that look pretty in the website but are completely different in person, especially as you correctly said, in the light of the room or house. Same is always true of paint.

  2. and here I thought a screen porch was what you always wanted. I bet architects have a fancy term for ‘mud room’ but boy, would I love to have a proper one. I have a long hall in my house but the plans call it The Gallery. Walk in pantries are a luxury. Costco makes a lot more sense when there’s a pantry.
    Didn’t you remodel a master suite on the first floor a few years ago? Between that and the Carriage House, it was hard to keep up.
    Shellbelle has my admiration. I am simply terrible when it comes to color.

    1. My poor architect put up with a lot from me. At first I said “let’s make this simple and affordable”. THEN, I said I’d love a real mudroom. Right now you walk straight into the kitchen from the back door with only a couple of hooks to hang wet raincoats. THEN I said “can you find room for a walk in pantry?” The list got longer and before we knew it, the renovations and addition were far from simple and far far far from affordable. I’ve never had a pantry either other than one tall cabinet next to the fridge that has pull out drawers. Useless.
      The part of the house that got renovated in 2014 is staying untouched. That’s all good to go. That was our master bedroom and bath but we’re moving upstairs and making old old master wing the guest wing. It’s secluded. It’s big enough for parents and toddlers.
      The Carriage House is done too, although never really done in the eyes of the man who put up every stick and shingle and window. To him it’s always a work of love in progress.

    1. They aren’t black. If you took a moment to read the post rather than coming just to snark, you’d learn a thing or two.

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