Fifty Two Years Ago

Yesterday was the anniversary of the murder of MaryJo Kopeckne. 1969. Seems like yesterday.

I hadn’t moved to the Vineyard yet but Mr. EOS was there, fresh out of college.

It’s so hard to comprehend how Ted Kennedy got away with this crime. I think this was my first real aha moment of how the media would cover for those they loved. Teddy was definitely a favorite son of the Boston Globe and so too the Vineyard Gazette, then owned by the Reston Family, libs through and through.

How would it play out if the incident happened today? Probably no different. The Dems and their media protect their own. The Rs throw their own under the bus. And roll back and forth over them several times.

Despite being singularly responsible for MaryJo’s death, Ted was able to live a full life as The Lion of the Senate. He likely would have been President too had it not been for this little thing called murder.

Where did the fifty two years go? Mr. EOS reminded me this was also close to the anniversary when JFK Jr. died in the plane crash. We were all in RI then and watched the huge Coast Guard helicopters swooping then hovering looking for the plane and passengers.

Where were you in July 1969?

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  1. I’m reminded of the Dominick Dunne book, A Season in Purgatory (I think it was), where Dunne describes the moment of the Joe Kennedy character’s death; the instant he realizes he’s going to hell.
    Really, really chilling. And I like to believe Teddy faced that moment, too. Yes, he got away with it in this world, but there’s that eternity thing…

    Oh, and I was 5 years old in July of 1969 so I was in the guppy group at Purchase Day Camp 😀.

    1. I read that book. I was glued. The Kennedy’s are an extremely dysfunctional clan. From Joe the crook to Jack the philander, to Teddy, all the above. Robert Jr. is seriously deranged and a serial marrying man.

      Guppy at Purchase Day Camp. Way to go!!

      1. You are soooo much kinder than me. A dysfunctional clan, yes.
        But I think they’re all a big pile of crap in a bucket.

  2. In the summer of 1969 I, too, was fresh from college. As my deferment had now ended, I was called for my SSA draft physical and classified 1A. In December of that year the first draft lottery was held. My number was 338.

    1. I’d keep 338 as a lucky number for life. I had a few friends who got their doctors to make them 4F. I didn’t personally know anyone who claimed to be a Conscientious Objector nor did I know any who fled to Canada. I knew many who served. All came home, although in varying degrees of physical and mental health. A tough time.

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