You’d Think It Was A Simple Request…..

Turns out, it was not.

Back last month, when we had a hard date for the move to the apartment, I set about arranging with Cablevision Optimum Altice to transfer our service from the house to here.

The apartment has its own WiFi and included in the rent is a an offering of several TV channels through a service called Single Digits. We thought about it for a minute and decided we’d rather our own secure WiFi and our own channel choices, so I brought the router and modem with me from home, two TVs, and had an appointment scheduled for the tech to set things up.

Before that date, I drove to the Mamaroneck Optimum store (ask me how much fun that chore was, I dare you, ask me!) to return boxes and remotes I’d no longer need and noted to the man behind the counter that the address Optimum had for our apartment was wrong. Way wrong. They had the street right and the street number right. It was the town and zip code that was wrong. We are West Harrison 10604. Optimum had this building as Harrison 10528.

Are you sensing things are going downhill from here? You’d be right.

I told the employee the address was wrong and asked him to change it. He said Don’t worry missy, the address we have is correct. I shrugged, said No, It isn’t, then sensed some sighing behind me from people waiting their turn in the very long line on a very hot and humid day when everyone seemed frazzled.

I left.

Fast forward to our service appointment to hook up the cable. Our time slot was between 11am-2pm.

At 2:30, me……..

3:00. No one. I called Optimum and it recognized my cell phone number and the recording said We see you have an appointment today. Yes, yes indeed I do.

To make a long story shorter, I’ll cut to the chase. No one was coming. Turns out it WAS a big deal the address was wrong. It took me three more phone calls, once being disconnected (ask me how I felt about THAT!) to get to someone who had the authority to change the address.

Come to find out changing the address wasn’t so easy. I was told that the address Optimum used was because the building had originally contracted cable service with Service Electric Cable, out of New Jersey, the Harrison 10528 address was from Service Electric’s database, probably way before the building was anywhere near complete. A month ago Altice bought the company and put Optimum in the building. Apparently I’m the first (and only?) customer who is using Optimum in the building and the West Harrison address wasn’t in the Optimum data base so I had to find a way higher up person who could add it.

After all that, our next available appointment is this Tuesday between 11 and 2. That’s tomorrow.

One final funny, yesterday I was back at the house and scrolled through the landline Missed Calls. There was one from Optimum at 10:30am on the morning of our original appointment. We think Optimum came to our old house. Funny but not really funny.

I’ve missed the little TV I do watch and enjoy. Hopefully when the boxes are installed here, the shows I’ve set to record are still in the cloud and I can catch up on Gutfeld! and Dateline.

Happy Monday.



2 thoughts on “You’d Think It Was A Simple Request…..

  1. If a teacher correcting grammar is racist, and math is racist, and standardized testing is racist, then it’s only logical that demanding someone to take down the correct information on a service order is also RACIST! Please report to your local re-education camp councilor immediately. Wait, don’t bother ‘they’ already know and will probably be sending someone out to visit soon. If they took down the correct location.

    1. People are starting to fight back. I think the Left played one too many You’re a Racist cards. Fingers crossed for 2022. We need to take back our country from the haters.

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