No Blueberries For Sal

Looking at the photo, you might think we, your intrepid travelers, are marching through the Amazon rainforest.

Close. Actually, these are the blueberry bushes in RI. An overgrown mess that requires a native guide and machete to find even a handful of blueberries let alone enough for a pie!

There ARE blueberries hidden among the bushes but very few.

When I interviewed the local gardener, who is also an all around bon vivant, he suggested the reason for so small a blueberry crop stemmed from the time the bushes were in bloom. A gullywasher rain destroyed the blueberry flowers, eliminating bees from pollinating.

Because I’m a fair and balanced reporter, I asked the native if the lack of blueberries could have had anything to do with the weedy overgrown hot mess that was once a pristine garden of age old blueberry bushes that always produced buckets of blueberries for Sal and everyone. 😬😍😬😍😬😍

There are some blackberries (red) but because the native gardener didn’t net the blueberry patch this year, those few blackberries will be lunch for swooping birds. Oh well. We can always buy blueberries. 🤦🏻‍♀️💆🏻‍♀️

5 thoughts on “No Blueberries For Sal

  1. Gideon got blueberries this past weekend at Versailles Farm. They were pricey, but outrageously plump and flavorful.

    1. That’s in Greenwich? Oddly, I like the small Maine variety of blueberries far more than the outrageously plump ones. Go figure. I often buy bags of frozen Maine blueberries to keep in hand for smoothies or pancakes. Mmmmm.

        1. Wow!! I’ve never heard of this place. My loss. It looks incredible. I want the shiitake mushrooms and a 20lb bag of biochar. Blueberries for sure! Thanks for the link. 👍🏼👏🏼🙌🏼🫐

          PS: Is the farm pronounced like the palace in France or like the horse breeding town in Kentucky?

  2. I think like the palace. The shiitakes are excellent to keep on hand. But check first, they aren’t always open.

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