Thanks for Nothing New York

I think I shared with you that Mr. EOS and I have signed up for a Queen Mary 2 voyage that leaves New a York on January 3, 2023!! We’re taking ourselves around the world. Yep. Around The World in 80 117 Days.

Cunard offers its passengers comprehensive travel insurance they call CunardCare. It’s an optional purchase but for long voyages we’ve always opted in. We did not buy the CunardCare when we took a 12 day voyage to the Caribbean because we figured, worse case scenario, we’d be stuck in Barbados. I could do that.

Now comes the Thanks For Nothing New York part. An email last week from Cunard.

Hmmmmm, CunardCare is no longer available to New York residents????? Pony up now, a year and a half prior to departure, or else?? But IS available for residents of 49 other states? What’s up with that?

CunardCare is provided through AON, an international company that provides lots of different insurance needs, including travel insurance. And I’m not referring to trip cancellation type of insurance. CunardCare insurance Medevacs you if need be. We saw it work first hand last voyage when the QM2 had to make an unscheduled port call in Goa India because a passenger needed emergency medical treatment.

We called our Travel Agent to get an explanation. We got a whole lot of yada yada. No one has fully explained to us why AON is discriminating against New Yorkers.

Here’s the answer. Her name is Linda Lacewell.

The NY Post has this to say about Lacewell:

One of the Cuomo Administration’s top advisers, who reportedly pushed to hide nursing home death data, is known as the “Minister of Defense” and an “enforcer” for the embattled governor.

Linda Lacewell, a loyal Cuomo aide who heads the state Department of Financial Services, is among those who reviewed a July Department of Health report and directed the removal of COVID-19 deaths of nursing-home residents that occurred in hospitals.

The Department of Financial Services oversees many things, including insurance companies. It’s gets even more interesting when you read that AON discontinued contracts they had with Trump Properties with his properties.

So I’m thinking Linda Lacewell and Andrew Cuomo, who’ve had it in for Trump from Day One (remember NYers we’re told we couldn’t renew our Global Entry cards because of Trump’s immigration policy??) decided to cancel AON services to all NYers, because even though he’s no longer in office, Orange Man Bad, or something? 🤦🏻‍♀️

Long story short, we’ve decided not to pay the CunardCare now. It’s a hefty hefty $18k (for two of us, not per person). That’s a huge sum of money. Our Travel Agent checked three other insurers. One wouldn’t even quote us a price. Another had it at $20k PER PERSON.

American Express used to offer comprehensive travel insurance. We used it when we traveled to Vietnam and Thailand. That was years ago. AMEX is now out of that business.

Do we travel without CunardCare? Do we change our state residency quickly? Lots to contemplate.

Happy gray sunless Sunday. Awful humidity too. Still no television service at the apartment but that’s another long long story for a different day. Thanks for nothing Cablevision, Optimum Altice.

6 thoughts on “Thanks for Nothing New York

  1. I don’t know your health conditions, but the way you talk about you and Carl, I’d guess you’re both pretty damned healthy! I’d take my chances.

    1. Yeh, we’re thinking the same thing. Although we laughed pretty darn hard if something did go wrong medically, which one of us was going to get dropped off in Goa and would the other just wave goodbye and continue the voyage newly single and ready to mingle??? 😂😂

  2. Some Medicare supplements cover international travel. Maybe worth investigating. Then, supposing a problem did occur – let’s hope not, then the coverage plus whatever out of pocket for what is not covered may end up less than the $18k. Maybe witch Lacewell did you a favor.

    1. Great minds think alike. We figure if we free up $18k, that’ll go along way in paying for any help one of us may need. Plus, there’s a fabulous hospital on the ship and a slew of great doctors who travel. I think you just talked us into saving $18k. Beats Biden’s .16c!!

  3. Unless you have some other relevant coverage I’d vote for taking the insurance. No matter how healthy you are, no one is immune from accidents. My sister, young and healthy at the time, suffered a severe head injury while vacationing in Aruba and needed to be evacuated back to the US after emergency surgery and several days of intensive care. (She didn’t have trip insurance, but her employer’s policy covered it.)

    Of course you could self-insure, but consider treating yourselves to the CunardCare and thinking of it as a luxuriously soft pillow that will lull you into peaceful sleep each night of your cruise. You deserve it!

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