Quiz….UPDATED with Reveal and Other Misc Pix!!

Quickly, tell me what I should find when I open the box.

Your time starts now…. 🎶🎶 cue Final Jeopardy music 🎶


One Chinese Yellow Buddy. O. N. E. Not three. What am I missing? Am I just dense that I read the box that there should be three buddies in that box? Maybe I should have figured the box is too small for three??

OT: In the distance from our apartment living room windows we can see a huge complex of buildings in White Plains. Last night in the rain storm, they were lit up with red flashing lights, I guess as an alert to planes landing at HPN. The lights looked extraterrestrial. I thought ET was going home.

The other oddity here is the often heard sound of racing rice grinders. There must be a flat stretch of Westchester Avenue or near the on-ramp to 684 or somewhere…. It’s pretty constant, even with the windows closed it’s loud.

Otherwise, we’re settling in to apartment life. Quiet neighbors so far but the building isn’t very heavily occupied. The building has a ResidentPortal app for all things, from paying rent to asking maintenance for a repair. I noticed I could opt in to ApartMates, people who live in the building who want to share their profile. Kinda like a dating app? I opted out!!

We brought very little from the house so I find I need to buy a home office desk, something L-shaped to go in the corner on the near side of the sofa. I need a couple of book shelves and file storage.

We haven’t figured out where to put lamps yet so what we brought from home are just placed here and there. No tv service yet. Grumble grumble.

10 thoughts on “Quiz….UPDATED with Reveal and Other Misc Pix!!

  1. There should be three buddies in the box. One of each of the three colors.

    What do I win?

    1. Tell me what isn’t made in China!! I bet 100% sold at The Container Store is Made in China or Taiwan or Thailand. I’ll look around tomorrow.

  2. “Rice grinders”

    I’ve forever hated these ridiculous fleas and the imbeciles who drive them, but I never had a generic term for them that I could latch onto. Now whenever I see/hear the little bastards I will have the satisfaction of strenuously applying the proper slur dressed liberally with other appropriate epithets that have long been part of my vocabulary.

    Thank you!!!

    1. You’re welcome. 😂😂. It’s a term I’ve known for decades. Not sure where I first learned it. I think it goes back to my Wilmington days when many of my growing up guy friends had motorcycles. It’s just a perfect term, albeit not politically correct, so it stuck.

      UPDATE: I asked one of my kids about any known motorcycle 🏍 drag racing near me. He laughed and had an immediate answer. Hmmmmm. How did he know??? He said there’s some unused strip of roadway between the MasterCard and Morgan Stanley headquarters that is used for both car and motorcycle drag racing. Aha. Both buildings are near enough to me for the race whirring sound to waft this way.

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