So Very Scary

The Left spent four years whining that Trump was Hitler. But holy cow, the FACT that the Biden Administration is colluding, yes COLLUDING, with Facebook to remove content they find objectionable seems to me impeachable.

Twist, I have an extended family member, who I adore even tho she’s quite the liberal, who writes for Facebook. I’d love to ask her what her opinion is about Biden removing content, but honestly, I’m worried she’d turn me in to the FBI! 😬😬😵‍💫😬😬

I’m quite speechless that Biden’s team can get away with this, but they hold court. At least for now. I’ve seen posts of the discrepancies in the Maricopa election numbers!!!!! Fact. The election was stolen.

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  1. You are a better Christian than I, Gunga Din! I can’t adore any family member that is quite the liberal. Unfortunately, in my case, since I can’t speak freely with family, I just choose not to.

    1. She’s smart. Talented. Successful at her job. A great mom to her daughters. We don’t talk politics anymore because I don’t see her very often. She was at the house about a month ago, was in Bedford meeting someone else for dinner and asked if she could stop by. Sure, I said. We had a good gab about who is doing what and where. Then she left. I can do that much.

  2. I was looking at the posts this morning about the fraud found in the Arizona election, lots of details and prominently displayed on the top right from Twitter: What’s Happening Politics Last Night There is no evidence of widespread fraud in Maricopa County’s 2020 presidential election results, according to election officials and fact checkers. WHAT!!!!???? Exactly the opposite of the truth. But for people who aren’t following the Arizona audit, that is all they will see. It is as bad as Pravda was at the height of the cold war. Pure lies. How do these liars sleep at night?

    1. I don’t know if you watch Gutfeld! at 11pm. The show is great. He addressed this very issue last night, how the media’s job is to lie and obfuscate. The media know that most get their news from Twitter and Joy Reid so why give any indication that there was fraud in the election? I know there was. You know there was. 75 million others know there was fraud. There won’t ever be a day the media acknowledges fraud because they’d also have to admit they’ve been lying the entire time. Sad state of affairs.

      Don’t get me started on the United Nations being invited by Biden to tell America how racist a nation we are. Ugh.

      1. I don’t because I am usually fast asleep at 11 (I’m recently retired). But I do see that I can watch last night’s complete show on YouTube. I’ll give it a watch.

  3. I’d love to marry Gutfeld! He is brilliant and so cute. I watch him every night. Thank God there is someone i can relate to.

    1. His wife is beautiful. They live in South Salem on the weekends, have a cool mid-century modern house on a lake and are regulars at a few local restaurants. He’s quite normal. A gun owner and goes to local shooting range. A car guy too. An old Land Rover is one of his cars. I agree, he’s a very relatable.

        1. Locals say he’s a genuinely nice guy. One of my kids ran into him at a restaurant in North Salem. When he told me I said “did you tell him your old ma is a huge fan”?? Son replied “ Ma, I didn’t know who the guy was, let alone tell him you’re a fan”! 🤦🏻‍♀️ That son has since been removed from the will. 😊

  4. They just got excited by watching Cuba clamp down.
    The challenge for AZ is the power from the Uniparty (think John McStain and Jeff Fake backed by Fuckerberg cash) may be too much to overcome.

    1. The Uniparty is real. That’s for sure. There are very few real (to me) Republicans serving now but I’m seeing lots of young (black and white) men and women running for office. A good thing. Trump really opened everyone’s eyes to how awful the RINOs are.

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