We Need a Vacation

Now that the moving is over and our ducks are in a row for the next nine months to a year, we are ready to take some time away. It’s been stressful to orchestrate finding an apartment and getting the movers here, twice!

We’re torn about everything vacation related:

1. Should we fly to somewhere?

2. If yes, do we do a beach vacay, domestic or international? I’ve seen lots of people in Cabo this summer. Lots! I could do that. Last time we vacationed in Cabo we stayed at a fabulous resort called Esperanza. Wow! Maine is always beautiful. Or even a New Hampshire lake resort? There’s always our old standby, Half Moon in Jamaica.

3. Maybe not beach because we can do beach free in RI. So perhaps strolling the streets of Florence or Venice? Not Paris tho. Not London either. Switzerland?

4. Maybe Scotland? Ireland? Wales?

5. Not Alaska. Been there and had a fabulous long trip with the kids. Literally saw the state from top to bottom and left to right. Flew and landed in the glacier of Mt. McKinley. Incredible.

6. Road trip? That’s always fun. South Carolina? Tennessee? We’ve done North Carolina completely so that’s out.

Give us your best recommendations. We want serious feet up time. No cooking. No thinking about anything other than having a good time.

Your time starts now….

21 thoughts on “We Need a Vacation

  1. We always enjoy Maine in the summer. We go to Southern Maine, Ogunquit, Kennebunkport, York. You can be there is just a few hours. Touristy, for sure, but lovely weather and great restaurants. We are considering a trip up to the Colony Inn in Kennebunkport, which is super dog friendly.

    1. Maine is our first choice. I know Ogunquit fairly well. The boys went to summer camp near Damarscotta and that was a pretty area too. We thought about Woodstock Inn in Vermont but think we prefer staring at the water. Thanks for the tip.

      Q: We’ve noticed all our summer rental tenants have a dog or two. Everyone on the road is walking a dog or two. I guess it’s easy to find dog friendly resorts everywhere now? Sure wasn’t back even a decade ago, let alone thirty years ago.

      What’s the new puppy’s name? Same breed? Yellow lab is it?

      1. We usually rented a house on the water in Ogunquit so we could bring Perkins. Kennebunkport is much more dog-friendly in the summer. We always saw Barbara Bush walking her dogs on Gooch’s beach as dogs are permitted before 9:00 and after 5:00pm. The new puppy is a yellow lab, 5 mos., 55 lbs named Hopkins, after a favorite cousin, Ellen Hopkins Fountain. I believe you are familiar with her stellar art work, in fact, she painted our favorite portrait of Perkins!

        1. Lots of beaches, ours included, don’t allow dogs anymore. Too many bad owners who didn’t pick up poop and too many rambunctious dogs that scared kids.

          Oh yes, I am indeed familiar with Ellen’s work. So talented. How lucky to have her do a portrait of Perkins. May Hopkins live a long a happy life!!

  2. How about Rockland, ME area? Farnsworth Museum, good restaurants, island ferries, windjammer cruises. I prefer Rockland to Camden. Rte 1 through Wiscasset can be brutal, though.
    We like the Harraseeket Inn in Freeport. Freeport can be over run with people in the summer but
    Beans is open 24 hours.
    Too bad Canada is still closed for a trip to NB, NS or PEI would be a nice change of pace. Long drive but lots of options for stops along the way. Also in Canada are the eastern townships in Quebec.

    1. We thought about Canada then realized it’s still closed. Just as well, I’m happier to stay stateside.

      A trip to LlBean is always fun, except for the fear that we’ll leave with another kayak or canoe!!

      Thanks for the suggestions. We’ll check out Harraseeket Inn today. Camden was a zoo last time we were there. Pretty but intolerably touristy.

  3. I love the idea of resort in the Adirondacks although I’ve never been. Would be a much easier drive from Westchester than to Maine.
    In the event apartment living has you looking to more quick trips, Woodstock, VT could be on your list for fall and Christmas time get always. And, the old Boston Ritz has just reopened as the Newbury.

    1. A few months ago, one of the children and family spent the weekend at The Sagamore in Bolton Landing. He sent drone footage. It was awesome. That’s under consideration.

      So too The Greenbrier. I could buy a house and live at The Greenbrier for eternity, if it weren’t so far away. Very hard to get to for visiting family.

    1. Looks wonderful!! I can see why you rented it four times. Always in the summer? Looks like it would be equally be notable in the winter. Thanks for the link.

      1. Actually, we were always there in November, planned to go back in the summer, but life kept happening and we never managed it.
        It’s really a great location for exploring the southern Maine coast.

  4. I’m not a fan of going to warm locations like Mexico in the off season, and Maine, Nantucket, the Cape et al. have little appeal since they are SO crowded in light of Covid. I have done Switzerland in summer and think there’s nothing better. You can do active days followed by relaxing at amazing resorts, and it’s rarely crowded outside major tourist areas. You can stay at the most exquisite luxury palace hotels, but the three-star hotels also have comfortable beds with beautiful Swiss down pillows and duvets and hearty Swiss food. French Rhone-Alps region (Chamonix-Mont Blanc, Annecy, etc.) or Dolomites are also great options if you want Europe and have done Switzerland. I generally favor alpine summers so even if domestic, I would do Aspen, Jackson, etc.

    1. Having lived in Switzerland just shy of four years I agree with your assessment, Switzerland offers so much.

      This vacation is all about finding an amazing resort rather than active days, the most active we might be is raising our drink flag for refills.

        1. I’m just seeing this comment and the one Cos Harbour wrote. For whatever reason, the notifications are not working on the WordPress app. Sorry not to respond in a timely fashion.

          My sister has been to Twin Farms. Might be too expensive for a quick getaway. It’s beautiful I hear.

  5. Ireland in September, Haoth, IRE…SEASIDE and history, castles, and saiboats.
    The stone lighthouse is magnificent.
    All you and Carl need are passports.

    1. I would love to do a long trip to Ireland and Scotland in the summer. Sounds dreamy. This getaway is more for mental health rejuvenation than sightseeing. We just want to veg and drink.

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