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Looks like rain again today but one advantage to living in an apartment building, I can get in my 10K steps just by walking back and forth to the garage a couple of times! There is a gym in the building but as far as I’ve seen, only beautiful skinny people use it. That lets me out. I could walk to Wegman’s, but that might defeat the purpose of the walk if I come home with something yummy to eat.

The first This, of the This and That, is Alex Trebek.

Here he is hosting Classic Concentration, an episode I happened to catch yesterday while channel surfing. The internet says Trebek hosted the game show between 1987-1991.

Oh how times have changed. In the initial interview with contestant Debra, Alex asked her if she was married. She said yes, to a minister. Alex then asked if they had children, and Debra said Not yet. But where it gets classic, Alex THEN asked “Are you trying to have children?”

Debra demurely responded, Not Yet. I thought the interaction was cute, harmless, and not remotely sexist. I mean, it was such a different time, Debra introduced herself as a housewife, a term I’m happy to use but I don’t know any young woman today who uses it. Do you? Don’t get me started on the whole stay at home mom moniker. No.

ANYWAY, also during this episode, in solving one of the rebus picture puzzles, the boxes opened to the top half of a female wearing a bikini swimsuit top. Alex paused and said “I think I dated her”. It was quite funny, harmless, and he got a laugh from the audience. I can’t imagine any such Host Humor would fly today. Sadly. Women have forgotten how to laugh.

The second This, I start to get serious. Monday night Tucker Carlson’s opening monologue was a barn burner, all about the Rigged Election. For the life of me I can not find a YT version of the monologue to post. even though Fox News has its own Tucker Carlson YT page. This segment is not on it. Portions of it were posted on Instagram feeds but not in a format that drops into WordPress.

If any of you finds a link or can post a link, please do. Update: I just found this tweet from The Columbia Bugle. See if the link works for you. I don’t do Twitter and I could watch it.

I was glued. Do I think the election was rigged? Absolutely! But I also have the Lego Capitol Building set, yes I do, that I put together with one of my (adult) children, and I fly an American Flag. Uh oh. Will anything come of any election audit? I don’t think so. I read that Pennsylvania is now thinking of an audit. If Arizona’s took so long and we don’t know the results yet, Pennsylvania’s will take nigh onto a couple of years, if it even happens, which I doubt.

The last entry of my This and That I’ll call a That, for THAT woman, Kamala Harris, who thinks Rural Americans live in caves, eat raw meat from a carcass they killed with their bare hands, and can’t find any way to photocopy their ID if need be.

Cue the video…

It’s painful to watch….very painful.

Of course, leave it to the internet to make fun of Harris’s comment. Classic!

Happy Sunday. Thanks for playing This and That.

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  1. As Monica Crowley says, “They keep trying to reset her (Kamala) and it keeps getting worse.”

    1. Thanks for verifying that info. I wasn’t sure as when I added the link only one portion was visible.

    2. Should be a good read. For Pennsylvania, there is no amount of audit that will ever change the result. That is because the R poll watchers were denied access to watch. They sued, a federal judge issued an order allowing them to monitor the counting, and the election folks simply disregarded it. The reason an audit won’t be helpful is that the ballots sent in by mail needed to be in two envelopes: the main envelope with address visible to USPS, which is then opened, and the second envelope, inside the main envelope, which contains the actual completed ballot. When the main envelope is opened and the ballot is fully visible along with the voter’s name and address, that is a spoiled ballot. It does not count per election law. We’ll never know how many spoiled ballots like this were counted. And we’ll never know if the majority of them were for Biden. And the same holds true in Atlanta were R poll watchers were told to go home in the night as counting had stopped. And this all means the elections were not free and fair. And that is truly a tragedy.

      1. Agree 100% with all you said. I’ll add an equal or greater tragedy – seeing how deep and vile the swamp is & how many Rs were (still are) in cahoots with keeping Trump and his followers out of the limelight. Further, I have no faith in the FBI, the CIA, nor the DOJ. No faith in mainstream media. Sad state of affairs.

  2. Stupid Kamala couldn’t survive being interviewed by Soledad O’Brien, a total lefty anti everything “reporter. Softball questions and Kamala gets it wrong.

  3. The more Alex Trebek is missed, the more he is missed! (figure that one out!) Enjoy Jeopardy now, I smell a woke move a’comin.
    I watched the Tucker video, he touches on so many good points. But as usual, I’m left with one overwhelming thought: we are at a point where we are lacking good leadership in every facet of American society and I think it’s on purpose (by keeping the majority ignorant) and will only be resolved via drastic actions. Maybe eliminating public education or at least the DoE would be a great first step, but something needs to stop the slide we are on.
    And that leads us to Willy’s Girl. Her un-likability is actually epic. Think about it, in the post BLM riots of 2020, we have a 1/2 black vp and she still can’t muster any kind of support. She is just purely not a likable politician/person (most aren’t, but at least have some support). Now we see why she chose other “paths” for her original career advancement. The reality is she’s such a phony that no group (none, not even a little) can or will point to her and think yeah, she’s real, I like her, what she has to say and what she stands for.

    1. I’m not sure Jeopardy will go full woke. It MAY if the producers choose Ken Jennings as the new permanent host, who, if you haven’t paid attention to him, is full of TrumpHate that extends to all conservatives. His social media was so hateful Jeopardy had Ken do a full mea culpa before he did his stint as Guest Host. I’d never watch Jeopardy again if Ken is named to replace Alex because for sure, as you said, then Jeopardy will go full woke.

      But there’s hope for Jeopardy if Buzzy Cohen is named permanent host. He never shows his political stripes, which is a good thing in my book. God help us all if it’s Katie Couric.

      I agree that we are at a major crossroads in the USA. I’m seeing more and more families speaking out against CRT, brave souls pushing back, jeopardizing their professional career and maybe their personal life. That’s a good thing. So far a handful of R governors have banned CRT being instructed and towns all across the nation are seeing enrollment drop as parents try and find a way to homeschool or pay for parochial/private education. Of course, private education is no guarantee of a good education these days. I have days where I’m very sad for the country then I see Trump in Vegas with the crowd going wild, shouting USA USA and I think there’s hope.

      I can’t find one person, even my very liberal friends, to come up with ONE good thing about Kamala, other than she’s black, which she’s NOT really, so even that about her is phony. As long as the media plays alog with Joe and gives him high marks for his speeches and his EO’s, I don’t see any 25th Amendment action happening. If I ran the world, I’d arrest Jill Biden for being the one to force Joe to run. She’s evil and I am sure she detests Kamala.

      1. The very fact that Katie Couric and Anderson Cooper were allowed to guest host really tips the hand to where the producers are going. It is just so sad to think the one game show that actually requires intelligence both to participate and to watch is going to be handed over to a propagandistic wokescold. Trebek was not necessarily an intellectual – but he didn’t, as you say, show his political stripes. There is no way a D partisan can hold in his/her views, not when the other side can’t respond due to corporate censorship in service of the Ds and their genocidal friends across the Pacific.

        1. I follow Jeopardy’s Instagram feed. Every time there was a new guest host, the comments section went crazy. Ken Jennings got the most hateful comments. Lots of People refused to watch Couric and Cooper. I read Cooper’s weeks got the lowest ratings of all the guests. If I remember correctly, only Aaron Rodgers got unanimous high fives – he was adored by all viewers. Buzzy got lots of praise too so even IF the producers want the job to go to a known lefty, I am sure they read/collate the social media comments too. They want the show to succeed after Alex and to do so I predict they’ll pick Buzzy.

    1. Mercy. No words. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall in the discussions of why Team Biden chose her and who in the team voted yes. There HAD to have been some concerns. Someone had to say “Ya Know, Kamala didn’t do so well in the primaries”. Did they pick a loser on purpose to make Biden look better? Inquiring minds want to know.

      1. Sounds like Nixon’s strategy. Someone to make him look better (Agnew) and someone the Congress won’t necessarily be eager to see elevated to President (Ford). And we see where that thinking got Nixon. Frightening to contemplate that this was the thinking behind itml.

        1. There’s a lot to be frightened about now that we know how deep the swamp is and what a mess our system is.

  4. Buzzy has my vote. He seemed very comfortable in the role, too. Some of the others would lose me as a regular viewer if they were chosen.

    1. I thought Buzzy was the most natural. He had no airs. He looks good. He talks succinctly. His hand motions and the way he said No was on point too.

      I don’t know when the producers will announce a permanent host. Probably come fall when the show new season starts.

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