We’re Trying to Fit In

Some of our apartment neighbors have doormats and hanging door decor, so we think we should get in the act. We just can’t decide which way to go.

This first one confuses me. Is it meant to say Hello, I’m Gay, so welcome to my Hell?

This one should draw attention, from Swingers in the building!

We could turn our music way up….

There’s the classic….

But I think this is my favorite. I’m tempted. Yes? With a Stop The Steal flag on the door??? I’m in!!

8 thoughts on “We’re Trying to Fit In

        1. Aaah, Markey, the OG Masshole. I regret having opened that Tweet tho as I am now totally triggered by reading Tweet after Tweet from Liberals, about Climate Injustice, $15/wage is not enough, that January 6th was worse than Pearl Harbor and that Tucker Carlson is the New Orange Man Bad.

          There’s a whole lot of hate out there coming from Liberals. Sad fact.

  1. The libs certainly are on the march.
    On another note, is it better to login via FB or set up an account with an email?

    1. On the march? Holy cow, they are in revolt mode, literally and figuratively. There’s never anything positive out of their mouths. It’s always “we’re dying because of…”, or Trump is still a loser, or Psaki dissing every Republican. It’s no wonder the only TV I watch is Gutfeld! at 11pm. It’s such a relief to hear sane voices, and laugh out loud.

      As for logging in, you need do nothing. I don’t ask for your email (and I don’t see your email addresses unless I go hunt for them – they aren’t immediately visible on my admin page), so just write in the blank the handle you want to use.

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