Happy 4th of July My Fellow Americans

While I didn’t watch it live or stream it, I’m seeing pix of Trump’s yuuuuge rally last night in Sarasota. I heard people waited for hours in Florida high humidity heat then a drenching rain. That’s how much they love POTUS 45.

But then there’s the New York Times. The America Hating New York Times. I’m rarely shocked by their hatefilled reporting but this is sick. What’s next? The NYT reporting the flag is racist?

I unabashedly love America. I am proud to fly the red white and blue. And with the help of little hands, we made a flag cake! Mmmmm.

The weather isn’t stellar. Might be some fishing out on the open ocean today. Have a wonderful day!!! God Bless America.

10 thoughts on “Happy 4th of July My Fellow Americans

  1. One of the things I love most about Florida is the prevalence of flags. They’re everywhere. Rarely saw one in CT; certainly never in our neighborhood.
    And lots and lots of boats still fly Trump flags.
    I feel like an American among other Americans here. In New England I felt like an American surrounded by space aliens.
    Happy 4th to real Americans wherever they may be!! 🇺🇸

    1. Jealous!!!!!

      We’re the only one of our RI neighbors with a flag up. Others have flagpoles but no flag. Could be because the weather has been awful my rainy but mostly I think it’s because the neighbors felt they did their patriotic duty by putting up BLM banners! Ugh.

  2. Just read about Georgetown University students being embarrassed to be American. I worry for my two teens being able to find future spouses…most all of the kids their age (17) are indoctrinated already. Thank God they aren’t.

    1. I didn’t hear that story. Was it one of those “man on the street” videos? It’s pretty scary to see how many teens and young adults are questioning capitalism, being white, the Flag, democracy. Now that the NEA (the very left teachers association run like a dictatorship by Randi Weingarten) has endorsed Critical Race Theory being taught, the indoctrination will begin much much younger. I see how indoctrinated my own extended family members are who went to the top schools in the country. I personally believe the lessons these kids learn are as much from their liberal parents values as what they hear in college.

      Conservatives do seem to find each other for marriage tho. That is if Zuckerberg and his Facebook terrorist cronies don’t silence conservative “wrong think” permanently.

  3. The Fourth of July is my all time favorite holiday. Plenty of flags and buntings in my neck of the liberal New England woods. Who doesn’t like parades, fireworks, bonfires, cookouts. Well, dogs aren’t crazy about the celebrating.
    Today really is the most inclusive of holidays. The menu is affordable, appeals to young and old. And, don’t forget it’s a bargain this year. If everyone added up his 16 cents….Dress code is casual. From my experience, folks just seem to get along today.
    Somebody up there was looking out for us yesterday when a MA state trooper stopped to help cars in the break down lane only to find 11 armed men headed to Maine for training. I shudder to think what might have been had the ordeal not ended peacefully.
    Happy Fourth!

    1. You are right about it being inclusive. But, as you might imagine, there are those on the Left today saying the flag doesn’t represent everybody. Cori Bush for one.

      I’ve seen Instagram feeds from so many small towns – happy people, bicycle parades, fire engines, flags, cookouts. It’s fabulous to watch.

      Yikes yikes yikes about the 11 armed men. What kind of training are you talking about? White rage? Black rage?

      Happy Fourth to you as well. It’s plain cold tho. Brrr.

    1. I didn’t hear a thing about this story and never heard of Rise of the Moors. After I clicked your link, I did some more research (although did not want to open the ROTM own website – cookies), and see it’s unlikely the group will be charged with any crime.

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