We’re the 75th Door on the Right!

Apartment living is a mixed bag so far. Pluses: Less to clean. A unit in the back of the building on the top floor with no one looking in or at us and no one overhead. Minuses: One barking dog across the hallway and up one, but not louder than the rooster crowing we left behind. Cute dog tho, and nice young couple, so we hope for the best.

The wagon(s) have been a godsend what with hauling so many little things from the house to the apartment. The second wagon we bought we love more than the first, by Tupelo. So well constructed. Folds up easily but it is considerably heavier than the blue one. Bigger wheels meant more for beach use but has worked admirably through the Halls of Montezuma.

We haven’t unpacked everything yet because I had to buy baskets for the closet for my dainties (no drawers in it) and wanted to cut and place shelf liner in all the cupboards and drawers before placing the dishes and glasses. Haven’t used the washer and dryer yet either. We’re still using the ones back at the house as we are at the house every day anyway.

The toilet in the apartment has three strikes against it, from my point of view.

1. It’s not a senior height toilet. Ugh.

2. The seat is not a slow closer and believe me, once you have a slow closer seat you never have a slamming seat ever again. We’ll have to invest in a new seat.

3. The toilet paper holder requires the agility of a gymnast to do a triple backflip to reach. 😬

Weirdly too, all the towel hooks are kindergarten level low such that bath towels sit too far down to the floor. I miss my bathroom radiant heat too. Spoiled? Yes I am.

Otherwise we’re slowly getting the hang of communal living. We haven’t met neighbors other than in passing to say Hello. No names yet but I’m okay with being anonymous a while longer.

The rain continues and continues and continues. Good thing the house is undergoing a major renovation because last night one of the very very very old Velux skylights leaked as the rains were torrential.

I’ll end this post with a little political humor from PowerLine: The Week in Pictures. Always funny. This one cracked me up!!

5 thoughts on “We’re the 75th Door on the Right!

  1. Re. “senior height” – A “toilet seat riser” (qv) may be an inexpensive fix.

  2. There are free standing toilet paper holders, usually available at Home Goods if there is one near you. I Googled toilet paper holder images and got good results, but as I don’t know how to add images to a WordPress comment, I can’t share. For Home Goods, from Bedford if you drive down 137 which turns into High Ridge in Stamford there is one there.

    1. We have two free standing ones in this house. I love them and prefer them to fixed holders. I’m going to grab one and bring it to apartment. There’s a new HomeGoods in Mount Kisco. Across from the train station. I’ve never been in. I know where the one is on High Ridge.

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