Quite Possibly One of The Most Beautiful Women Who Graced The Planet

Diana would have been merely 60 years young yesterday had she not died so tragically and senselessly. Her life post-marriage to Bonnie Prince Charlie was an open book, literally and figuratively. There were no secrets anymore. Everything each one did was fodder for the British tabloids.

The further tragedy of Diana’s death was the toll it took on her sons. William seems to have found a way to compartmentalize the loss of his mother. He surely married well and has fabulous children and of course he knows he’s an heir to the throne, all of which must make his life easier to go on.

Harry, on the other hand. Oh my. His mum’s death hit him so hard he married a crazy woman who likes to think she’s Diana. Meghan found a weak soul and convinced Harry his royal heritage was all poppycock.

ANYWAY, I digress. Yesterday the brothers stood side by side to unveil a new statute of Diana.

Oh lord. It looks awful to me. Just awful.

I guess the family asked for Diana’s likeness to be simple, unadorned, the People’s Princess. But I think she looks dowdy, crumbled, not at all pretty. Her neck looks crepey and old, but the lack of wide smile was the worst aspect of the statue. Diana was famous for her gorgeous radiant smile, even when she was miserable on the inside.

I have found photos of Diana often wearing a wide belt so perhaps the boys had photos of their mother from which the sculptor based his design. The school teacher look from before she married Charles. That part I get, they didn’t want her sculpture to make her look fancy. Speaking of Charles, was he not invited to help unveil the statue? Depending on what garbage website you read, Harry is not speaking to Charles, or vice versa. From Harry’s blathering to Oprah, I got to think it’s Charles who isn’t speaking to Harry.

What caught my eye as much as the unflattering facial features of the statue was that Diana is referred to as the Princess of Wales. Wasn’t that title taken from her when she divorced Charles? I think so. I think Harry is still referred to as the Duke of Sussex even though the Queen took away his royal privileges. Complicated, those royals.

I can’t imagine where Diana would be today had she lived. I doubt she would have married Dodi Fayed, or if she had, it would have been in the mode that Jackie Kennedy married Onassis, so Fayed could whisk Diana away for some privacy.

Of all the things the family might have done to honor Diana’s 60th birthday, a statue didn’t even rise into my top 100. Not in my top 1000 even. That’a a long way of saying to MY family, no statue of me after I’m gone. Thanks in advance.

The skies were mean last night – non-stop heavy rain like I haven’t heard in a long time. It’s gray and dreary again this morning with more rain on the way. Joy. Not.

2 thoughts on “Quite Possibly One of The Most Beautiful Women Who Graced The Planet

  1. Perhaps it is family politics. No good statue of Diana to upstage Charlie and/or the homewrecker. We might have to wait until William is King to see good statues of Diana.

    1. Good point and all the more curious why a statue was erected now, or at all. I don’t see that the idea was William’s in the first place. Maybe Harry’s idea, but as I think about that, Meghan surely protested “a statue of your mom before a statue of moi?”

      Was the statue the idea of Diana’s brother perhaps, the guy who spoke so disparagingly about the media at Diana’s funeral? I can see he’d want a statue.

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