With My 16c Savings, I Am Able To Put All My Grandchildren Through College! Praise Be!

Cringeworthy tweet from the White House, sooooooo bad that even notable liberal media outlets like Newsweek are mocking it and posting negative replies.

And as someone more clever than I noted from looking at the tweet photo, what’s more perfect for your July 4 cookout than a pan of ground beef!! Yay beef.

Most notably though, the oops moment of the inane tweet is the Elephant In The Room – the huge increase in gasoline prices. 😬😬😬

Rain is dampening both RI and NY festivities. No official town fireworks planned but there are always neighbors up for the challenge of buying illegal fireworks. 💥💥

Have a great weekend wherever you are. Raise that flag high and proudly salute our USA!

What will you do with your 16c? Down payment on a new car or house? 😂

9 thoughts on “With My 16c Savings, I Am Able To Put All My Grandchildren Through College! Praise Be!

  1. Hard to believe the White House – even a Biden White House – would put this out. A July 4th prank maybe?

    1. Aaah, the Genius from Connecticut who thought for sure that Hillary would win and he would have been her gun tsar. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

    1. “This week’s latest Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report reminds us that the Biden Administration seems to have drunk the MMT Kool-Aid. According to the CBO, the US budget deficit for the current fiscal year will amount to a staggering $3 trillion or around 13 ½ percent of GDP. That in turn will drive the US public debt to GDP ratio to over 100 percent or to a level similar to that prevailing in the immediate aftermath of the Second World War.”

      The difference between now and then is that in 1945 World War II had ended but today’s Democrats are just getting warmed up”

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