America First!!

Last night Trump held a yuuuge rally in Ohio where throngs of honest hardworking happy America First citizens gathered to cheer for America.

I have to believe the people who went to the rally really reflect what most of us feel in our hearts – that America is not a racist country. That The President of the United States should look out for America first. And always. And that’s what Trump did.

In stark contrast, America Hating CNN last night, at the same time the Trump rally was taking place, aired a special on the January 6 “insurrection”.

Their website coverage this morning is exactly what I’d expect. Vile. Hateful. Full of lies.

Well, I can’t lie. I miss Trump more than I can express, mostly his unabashed love of our country, our Constitution, and the regular people like me who the left call domestic terrorists.

I don’t know what will happen with the Arizona audit. I suspect nothing. Same with other state audit requests. Biden’s team has too much control now. All the more important for Americans who are tired of the Dem Thirst of Power and their Reign of Race Terror to get up and fight. Get out and campaign. Get out and speak up. Make America Great Again.

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  1. Get out and be a paid ballot counter on E Day is I think an additional call to action necessary to ensure fair and free elections by eligible citizens. That would solve the problems seen in PA and GA, i.e. opening ballots without the protective sleeve and thus exposing a person’s name and address and voting preference, dead voters, vote counters hiding from poll watchers and defying judicial orders to do the count in full view of R watchers. Most of the E Day staffers are Ds. Many of the workers in Atlanta were hired by the state via a staffing agency that is run by a known D operative and donor. I’m surprised this is not being seen as a strategy to counteract the shenanigans. It’s not about who voted; it’s about who counted the votes. Say what you will about liberals, they do get up and take action.

    1. How does one become a paid ballot counter? I didn’t know I could do that.

      I agree 1000000% that liberals do get up and take action. They are very disciplined and focused on cheating. And do a great job at it.

      For the GOP to take back the House and Senate in 2022 the ability to rise above the cheating is a long long road.

      1. That is a very good question. This site here:
        seems to be the answer for your area.

        Imagine if you were able to corral an army of retired folks to be poll-workers who helped enforce the same rule for each and every ballot. Could make a YUUUGE impact on the fairness of the process. It is really not healthy for the poll-workers to be exclusively comprised of one party. The actions in Philadelphia and Atlanta (hiding from the R poll-watchers, counting after the poll-watchers were told to go home for the night, counting votes that were not secret ballot due to failure to use the second, protective envelope/sleeve inside the mailing envelope) are out of the playbook of third world banana republics. To me that is the true theft and I don’t think it was coordinated nationally. I think it is the natural byproduct of having the process run by one party with volunteers who favour one way and don’t ask questions in a groupthink environment.

        If you think you can’t hold your tongue and serve neutrally, then you can always sign up to be a poll-watcher to spot shenanigans. That’s a partisan, volunteer role.

        E-Day is only 16 months away. Poll-workers need to be a movement in the metro areas of swing states. That’s what liberals do and the Rs need to get this strategy rolling out now.

        1. Thank you so much for this. Most helpful bit of “what can I do” info I’ve seen in a long time.

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