Wagon Hoooooo!

The house is pretty much empty. All our worldly goods have been hauled off by the movers to be stored for a year. It’s a strange feeling, I gotta admit.

What’s left in the house is going to the apartment, the movers will take the big pieces like console tables, two wing back chairs, end tables, the ottoman and a few heavy boxes.

The apartment we chose is probably the farthest from the garage door and equally far from the elevator. It’s a hoof. Good for accumulating steps on the Apple Watch, not as good for lugging bags of groceries. Enter the reason for buying a wagon. The wagon folds up like a baby stroller so it can stay in the car easily.

The movers said we’d save money if we brought the lamps and TVs, things they’d have to wrap up like mummies but would be easy for us to put in the car and wagon in.

We’ll bring clothes as we need and will bring food/pantry items ourselves. Again, the wagon will make a huge difference.

Because the apartment is small, we had to downsize to a Queen Size bed, which meant buying a new mattress and bed frame, new sheets, a new blanket, a new duvet.

The apartment bathroom requires a shower curtain so that was something else to add to the shopping list. Got a new fangled Hookless brand curtain. It’s one of those clever inventions where you think Gee, why didn’t I think of that!?

Non adhesive Shelf Liner. ✅

A new trash can. SimpleHuman with the foot pedal. ✅ Thank you Amazon and Walmart Prime Days. I let my fingers do the walking.

Then there’s the infrastructure of moving. Getting a second ConEdison account but making sure they understand it’s in addition to, not instead of, the current house service. 😬

Verizon says I can’t move my home phone so I’m still trying to figure out how to handle my landline. I don’t want to pay for a second landline at the apartment. I can forward my landline into my cell phone but I’m old and like talking on my landline. I’m not willing to give it up. Good news, I can move all my Cablevision service. Easy.

We’re running on empty emotionally, alternating between thinking the renovation idea is the best idea we’ve had to thinking it’s the stupidest decision we’ve ever made. My brain is fried juggling who is where when and who I remembered to call and what’s left to buy. I hope once we’re actually in the apartment full time, things will settle down and I don’t wake up panicked.

Happy Friday.

7 thoughts on “Wagon Hoooooo!

  1. I may be able to make you feel more at ease with your situation.
    Sold our house early March, 2018, in one day. Surprise! With no new house to move to we were forced to quickly rent – a small dump – and put everything in storage. Lived with only one love seat, one oversized chair, a TV and an air mattress until we finally found a house and moved. On Halloween. Oh, and we bought the house, in FL, sight unseen. Now, we’ve never been happier in our lives. I think we kinda had to earn it.
    Moral of the story. You guys will be fine!! A year from now you will be over the moon with your renovation and the current frantic unpleasantness really will be a dim memory.
    You’re earning your future happiness 😀

    1. Great story and it does give us hope. To that end, a third scenario floats around in my addled brain at night. We finish the renovation. Sell it. Don’t move back in. Keep stuff in storage. Keep the apartment for longer while we look for a house next door to you!!

      1. There ya go! Our neighborhood here in Jupiter is called “New Haven.” It looks just like New England, which is why we chose it. You’d feel right at home.
        We’ve already helped six friends move here from up north, so we’re really good at it.

  2. It will be a fun adventure! And like Shellbelle says, it will all be worth it a year from now. (We have that Simple Human garbage can. Actually, we have two – the chrome one for garbage and the bronze for recycling.)

    1. I almost bought a second one for recycling. Not there yet. This apartment complex has trash chutes like a NYC apartment does, with a recycling bin in there too. I’m going to miss taking out my trash in pink fuzzy slippers because no one can see me to now knowing I have to be dressed to take out trash. Lots of change at once. Lots.

      1. Now you can take out the trash whenever you feel like it. No more getting it out in time to be picked up. Sounds good to me.
        We did the rental thing while remodel thing a few years back. We sold one house and moved into another for only a few months. The post office took weeks to get mail forwarded so when we moved into the rental I left the mailbox up and didn’t have mail forwarded. Checked it regularly, though. Mail was delivered even though the property was obviously uninhabited. A benefit of living in a small town.
        Let us know how that hookless shower curtain works out. I don’t have glass doors because I hated keeping the ones in the rental free of water drops and streaks. I’m using ones from the Matouk factory store.
        And, once you’re back in your own house, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to renovate in the first place.

        1. Just seeing your comment. I’ve set the app to bing when there are comments but your comment posted without notification.
          I’m sure we’ll get the hang of apartment living after a bit. Not today and probably not tomorrow either!

          We rented a post office box in Bedford and thought, living in a small town, we could just ask our mail carrier to put all the mail in the box instead of delivering to the mailbox at the house. Nope. That’s not how it works. I had to fill out a change of address form EVEN THOUGH I’M NOT CHANGING MY ADDRESS!!!!!! Bureaucracy run amok.
          I’m not using the apartment address for a single thing because I can envision the scenario where our address gets changed to West Harrison.

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