Meanwhile Stacy Abrams Is Busy Registering Democrat Voters!!

With the 2022 Midterms rapidly approaching, you’d think Republicans would be of one mind in retaking the House and Senate. Not so.

One of the most vicious Republican cat fights is between two strong successful conservative black women. Kimberly Klacik who ran for office in Baltimore to replace Elijah Cummings and Candace Owens, the media darling who speaks on racism but of late is busy outing her detractors.

For some reason I don’t understand, Candace has been calling out Kimberly for not coming on Candace’s podcast and Kimberly has been chiding Candace for being more concerned about cancel culture than working to get R candidates elected in 2022.

From what I can see, Klacik works tirelessly for young black (and white) Republican candidates. She travels nonstop, speaks at small town events, raises money and visibility of the candidates. All to the good in my book.  

On the other side, Candace seems to be reveling in her fame starting the Cancel Chrissy Tiegan hashtag. I don’t see Candace working on behalf of anyone other than herself, to the degree I think fame as gotten to her.

I fall to the side of Klacik in this Mean Girl fracas. 

Bottom line though, while two strong conservative black women bicker about who’s on first, The Democrats are out in Georgia every day registering voters. 

Republicans are never going to win in 2022 as long as infighting persists, and it’s not just these two. Look at the RINOs like Romney and Murkowski who live and breath every opportunity to vote with the Dems.

Big voting day here in New York, with a Democrat primary for Bedford Supervisor between equally two awful candidates, and the big NYC mayoral primary. Should be fun watching the returns.