What Happened???

I spent an hour+ creating a blog post about an upcoming voyage we have on the Queen Mary2. Photos. Links. I published it. I saw it.

Then the post disappeared. Poof. Gone. The only thing left in the app is the draft where I came up with the title. No copy in that post.

All the photos are gone. All the copy is gone. It was on my iPhone. I swear I saw it. Really.

The thought of going back to rewrite it doesn’t appeal this moment. I’d like to know where it went.

Did any of you see the QueenMary2 post?

4 thoughts on “What Happened???

    1. I’m so glad someone saw the post. I was getting worried my brain cells were in Senior mode. 👵🏻

  1. I saw it! It arrived via email and I still have the email. Entire post is visible that way, but haven’t tried to look at it on your site.

    1. So strange. Why it completely disappeared from sight is a mystery. Because I didn’t have any visible draft saved, I had to rewrite it from memory. I changed a few lines I think.

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