The Day That Keeps on Going and Going….

Yesterday was a long day for me, from being told I had to mask up at the Post Office EVEN THOUGH the woman in front of me was maskless, to getting the first Pfizer jab, to getting delivery of what I expected to be a big box of water filters that turned out to be air filters, to thinking I lost my phone and backtracking to every single place I went ONLY to get home and see my phone was on the kitchen counter!

The first COVID jab was EZ, honestly I didn’t even feel it. No soreness. None whatsoever. Only side effect was feeling a little tired. I’m fine today too.

But none of the above compares to what happened overnight to my better half.

Hubby Carl is in RI this week, woke around 11p to something crawling in his ear. He got up and tried to feel it with his finger or see it in the bathroom mirror, to no avail. He was afraid to use a QTip for fear it would drive the bug/spider/tick (he didn’t know what it was) farther down the ear canal. There was pain at this point, as if the bug was biting at his ear canal and he got worried enough to drive himself to the local police/fire house, hoping an EMT would be on call overnight to take a look see. There was one on duty but she wasn’t able to see any bug, maybe she thought this old guy is crazy, and it was suggested Carl go to the hospital. He agreed.

He was taken by ambulance, forced to be strapped into the gurney even tho he was completely ambulatory, the EMT called the hospital announcing “on route with 74 year old white male, unknown object in his ear!”🤪. He was required to enter the hospital waiting room in a wheelchair from the ambulance. Rules rules rules.

At the hospital they took his vitals and his BP was very high, probably because he was nervous and a bit frightened. A doctor finally came around, looked in his ear, said she’d be back in about 30 seconds and never showed up again. Nice.

About then, the bug literally JUMPED out of Carl’s ear, he caught it and trapped it in his cupped hands and held it until someone brought him a urine sample cup to stash it away. Still with me?

At this point, the staff set upon giving him his discharge papers but one minor detail. He was 40 minutes from home. His truck was back at the town police house. It was 2am. I’m three hours away.

What’s a guy to do? Open the Uber app, of course. Glitch, he hadn’t updated the app in eons with his new AMEX card expiration so the app wouldn’t load. He was able, luckily, to add a new form of payment, and quickly, Fernando chimed in that he was 16 minutes away.

Fernando was great, although he took the route around John’s barn, but hey, Carl got his truck and got back home around 3:30. At this point he couldn’t fall asleep, still creeped out about the bug!! Where had it come from?

Fast forward, he’s at his doctor’s office now, for a real look see into his ear to make sure the bug didn’t lay 1000 eggs into his ear canal. Ewww. Plus, his blood pressure still elevated.

Like the good better half I am, I offered to go up there and help but he insists he’ll be fine. The bug was big. Black. Antenna. Lots of legs. Not an earwig. But just as gross gross gross.

I’m thinking this afternoon Carl may take a nap in the back yard hammock.

4 thoughts on “The Day That Keeps on Going and Going….

  1. Cicadas are big and ugly but I don’t think they’re in RI. Maybe it traveled from NY with him?
    The good news is that whatever it was, it wasn’t a tick. Yucky story, though.

    1. I have a little video of the bug squirming around inside the vial but I don’t dare post it. It’s an exoskeleton beetle, long antenna, lots of legs. Ugly as sin. Carl felt like he was in kindergarten Show and Tell, showing the trapped bug to anyone who would listen to his wild tale. Funny you should mention ticks – because Carl is a man outstanding his field, he often finds ticks on him at the end of the day. He said this felt different than a tick.

      The doctor’s office said there was some scarring in the ear canal, probably when the beetle was thrashing to exit.🤭😐

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