Are You a Yes, No, or Let’s Wait and See?

Donald Trump Junior posted this last night in his Instagram feed, asking for thoughts and comments. I looked this morning and there are over 20k comments.

I didn’t scroll through all the comments but a good majority of what saw saw fell into two camps.

1. Yes.

2. No, But…

The No But camp was we love you but let a younger candidate run.

That’s where I fall, the Greatest President Ever but let someone like DeSantis run.

Bottom line though, a Republican President in 2024 is useless without a Republican led House and Senate. More accurately, a Trump reboot or a DeSantis victory means a Congress without the likes of Liz Cheney and Mittens.

What I really want and what the country needs to get back to being America First are laws passed, not endless Executive Orders that are erased in a split second by a new opposing administration. Trump’s hands were tied because of so many RINOs set out to take him down. They all need to be voted out. Cheney first. Mittens next.

Vote now. Add your two cents.

UPDATE: In the comments section we got to talking about the AZ audit. I’m not optimistic given Garland’s recent statement but this tweet from Bernie Kerik gave me some hope. Some.

16 thoughts on “Are You a Yes, No, or Let’s Wait and See?

  1. Agree 100% that Trump is the best President ever. I say “is” because I believe he is still the rightful President, not the special needs guy occupying the office now.
    However, a minor quibble. If the next candidate is someone younger (probably a good idea), it shouldn’t be someone like DeSantis. It has to be DeSantis.

    1. I’m with you there in the “still is” camp. 100%.

      I only hesitated about declaring definitively that DeSantis should be the candidate because its so far off. No doubt the man has all the right stuff.
      I read yesterday that Pence is doing some early state hopping, maybe testing the waters for his chances. Blecch. No thank you. I bet if Weasel Pence does run it’ll be with Cheney, or similar weakling.

  2. I’m in the Hard Hell Yesssss camp, as well as the Still Is camp. Age is truly just a number with DJT – he is strong as a bull with stamina to burn. I really don’t think his age matters. I’d be happy with Desantis (and ONLY DeSantis), but ecstatic with DJT. Still think there’s a 50% chance “something happens” and the election is somehow “corrected” and He Returns. You aren’t going to get all those zillions of blue collar workers and the deplorables to turn out and vote unless it’s DJT – they are disillusioned and many simply won’t vote again. (My sister is one of them – BA, MBA, “normal” person, but she literally won’t vote if it is anyone else. I tell her she’s throwing the baby out with the bath water, but I do not think she is in the minority.). Ideally, next up is Trump/DeSantis and then DeSantis takes over from there, maybe with VP Don Jr. Pence can go have dinner with Mother and stay the hell away. BTW, is it Desantis or DeSantis???

    1. I’m laughing out loud at “Pence can have dinner with his mother…”. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
      Lots and lots of comments on Juniors post saying exactly what you did. Trump or blue collar voters won’t bother.
      And I hear you about age. Even all the shit thrown his way during his presidency and he barely aged a day.

      Now that Biden’s AG is in the mix to address voting disenfranchisement, that means the AZ audit will be closed and no details ever given. Like Durham. Where the hell did Durham go??

  3. I wonder if DeSantis had Trump’s total support – campaigning for him full blast – if that could win over the blue collar voters. I really don’t know but I don’t see Trump and DeSantis competing. Together they’ll do what they think is best for the country.
    And I’m a little more optimistic than you about the AZ audit. We’re reaching a tipping point and something’s got to give. People are seething.
    P.S. Pence is a first class putz.

    1. There is no doubt in my mind Trump would give DeSantis his full support, if, of course, Trump himself chooses not to run. I wonder who advises DJT in the pros and cons of running. I’d bet Melania would be in the No camp. Junior a yes. Maybe not as much Eric. And I’m unsure about Ivanka. There seemed to be some rift between DJT and Jared. The adult children have now settled back into private lives. I can’t imagine for them going back would be easy.

        1. Agree, it would be nice to have an edit option here. It’s like the good of Disqus should marry the good of WP.

          That tweet had me wanting to stand up and shout the Pledge of Allegiance in Mara Gay’s face.

    1. The media isn’t reporting a thing about the audit. Not one thing. And those of us who do read about what’s happening are labeled conspiracy theorists. The Steal was the biggest crime against our democracy ever perpetrated by America hating lefties.

  4. I’m in the Yes column, even though I too think he is the real President & I hope those clowns currently squatting will be thrown out. By the way, Happy Birthday Mr. President! 75 today. Otherwise, yes to 2024 then DeSantis for the next 8 years & maybe Cruz for 8 years after that. We need a good long run to squash these enemies of America.

    1. Yes, Happy Birthday Mr. President!! Appropriately on Flag Day! Mara Gay must be hiding in a bunker somewhere.

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