Why I Remain Unvaccinated!

I’m probably one of the last people on this earth you’d think would be hesitant about getting the COVID vaccine because I’m definitely not an anti-vax person. I’m happy for anyone who wants the COVID vaccine to get it.

I’m just not one of those happy to get the jab.

Hubby has. Kids have. Their significant others have. My extended family has. Cousins. Aunts. Sister. BIL. SIL. Nieces. Neighbors. Friends. Most all have gotten the Pfizer two-stab jab. No one had any serious adverse reactions.

Not me!

I’m not prone to conspiracy theories….. well, c’mon man, the election WAS stolen. Otherwise, I do believe the vaccine was intended to prevent more deaths from COVID. All to the good.

But here’s the long and short of it. I’m nervous.

I’m never sick. I can’t think of a time I even had as much as a cold. I have never had a flu shot, nor had the flu. I don’t take a single pill for any malady. I take good care of myself. Eat my veggies. I never use Purell – I think the stuff is useless. My immune system is enormous, probably because I subject myself to lots of germs and my body naturally fends off disease.

So why would I want to have an unknown serum injected into my system when I’m perfectly healthy and my entire pod is vaccinated?

Answer. I wouldn’t.

I am left with the moral conundrum of lying when I enter a store that says unvaccinated people must wear masks. And of course, almost every conversation today starts with you’re vaccinated, right?

I admit to being conflicted. Most of me says skip it. You’ve made it this far and herd immunity now rules the country. There’s a teeny part of me that says I should stop being silly and just get the shot.

Today the No Thank You me is winning. Tomorrow? Not sure. Stay tuned.


20 thoughts on “Why I Remain Unvaccinated!

  1. Stay strong. The more that comes out about the so-called “vaccines” the more worrisome they appear to be. I’m more concerned about the spike proteins that the vaccinated are alleged to be shedding.

    1. I’d be okay staying strong and unvaccinated **if** I didn’t have to be subjected to the dreaded “which vaccine did you get” question. It seems it’s the only question I’m asked, almost as if the asker already knows the answer and wants to catch me in a white lie.

  2. Oh get the damn vaccine and be done with it. I did and I haven’t taken even an aspirin this century. The last shot I got was for tetanus.
    You may have side effects from the Covid-19 shot but should a nasty variant show up you’ll have some protection. And, if you want or need to travel anywhere you’re covered.

    1. I just scheduled dose one for Monday afternoon. Pfizer. At CVS.

      I’ve never had such an interval struggle over something as this vaccine. No one I know has had any side effects. No one.

      1. You had such a compelling argument against (never sick, stellar immune system…), I’m curious what prompted you to make an appointment for the shot? Not judging, just wondering.

        1. By the way, this is Susie, not anonymous. I just can’t seem to log into WordPress on this site.

        2. White guilt. And travel. Mostly travel. I didn’t want to put my family in a position of having to lie for me. I admit to contemplating buying a fake vaccine card, then I realized that was insane. I’ll just put on my big girl panties and get it done. I was tired of waffling. Tired of second guessing myself.

  3. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. When someone can tell me why half of Fauci’s staff said “no thank you” to the jab I’ll be able to know what’s going on.

    1. Had I known half of his staff said no to the vaccine I may have reconsidered getting it myself.

    2. We’ll never find out what’s going on. Fauci has protected status like Hunter Biden. I bet Hunter is not vaccinated.

  4. I agree with Holden. I think your arguments both for and against are strong. But against is stronger. The ‘for’ argument will lose its power over time. I suspect (& hope) in a very short time, this will have passed. People will stop asking about vaccination, travel will not be impacted. All things pass, I hope this one’s time is about up. I say this truly hoping for your best health.

    1. Believe me when I tell you I agree with everything you and Holden said. It’s an internal conflict like few others I encountered in my life. We have a family wedding coming up in July. We want to fly to California to visit family. If hubby has his digital vaccine card to present at the airport and I don’t, I don’t want to go to the back of the line.

      1. I don’t know anyone eligible for the vaccine who hasn’t received it. No serious side effects, either. Being vaccinated simplifies travel and events like weddings and reunions. You probably remember when your passport had a yellow card attached documenting a current small pox vaccination. Not much difference.

  5. Also, I am certainly not an anti vaxxer. Vaccines have done great good for the world. Stopping polio, small pox, great. The problem here are the unknowns. I too am not prone to conspiracy theories, but this past year has been very trying. There was a good video posted on Chris’s blog by MikeDofCT, about the overall response to Covid-19, with some references to the vaccine (especially towards the end). It is long, I had to watch it in bits, but some of what Dr. McCullough said is worth hearing. I’ll repost the link here so no one has to go look for it.

    1. The conflict I was having is the logical part of my brain (granted not very large) had seen fabulous videos like the one you posted (thanks), had read way too much about the unknowns, and decided I should continue to wait.
      The wife/mom/grandma in me said I needed to step up.

    1. Thanks Green. You and I go wasaaaay back, you among the very first commenters I ever had.

      The first jab was a breeze. I had a total clusterfuck day though, including being unable to find my iPhone and other unpleasantries. More on all that tomorrow. As The World Turns…

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