The Ugliest Building in Bedford is Getting a (Partial) Facelift!!

The Hunting Ridge Shopping Center here wins no beauty contest. Her outdated front façade screams 1970s, the roofline is hideous and for decades its anchor store has been one brand or another mediocre supermarket.

The last chain there was a Key Foods, the only time I’d go in is if I absolutely needed one thing and didn’t want to drive to Bedford Hills.

But in the last couple of months, the space has been gutted. The roof removed. All new everything going in.

DeCicco and Sons is coming to town.

DeCicco will be a huge improvement to Bedford’s shopping options. I like that they are family owned. The trucks in the parking lot were local plumbers and electricians. Very good, except that I’ll be living in Harrison for the next nine-ten months. Doink.

As a woman I chatted with at Ronnie Rexall said to me, if only the REST of the building would get a makeover, the strip mall might fit into town. She’s right.

A good start though!

4 thoughts on “The Ugliest Building in Bedford is Getting a (Partial) Facelift!!

  1. I haven’t been there in ages! Is Edelweiss bakery still there? My mother spent more than our college tuitions at Ronnie Rexall, mostly on photo developing.

    1. It’s no longer called Edelweiss but a bakery is still there. More vacancies in the strip mall than stores. Without Ronnie Rexall, the entire shopping center would have folded. Even more so than the grocery store, Ronnie Rexall is the only destination for most old timers. Although they’ve changed ownership, the pharmacy remains a great place for cards and gifts. Wonderful staff.

      1. I think for some years it’s been called Bedford Village Pastry, and is very good.

        1. A lot of people I know go there and love it. I don’t tend to buy much ever at a pastry shop so I haven’t been in there in eons. At Christmas they have pretty boxes of their best cookies and I’ve bought those.

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