The dew this morning has left wonderful droplets of water on the peonies. That’s the good news. The bad news is the torrential rain the other night brought many of the peonies down. Petal mayhem in the beds.

Enjoy the photos….

The two other large peony beds fared a bit better in the aftermath of the rain because they are a bit more protected – this bed gets the brunt of the wind too.

Still one if the most gorgeous flowers Mother Nature blessed us with, petals on or off. Bonus: no ants this year.

Happy Tuesday.

5 thoughts on “Pe-ooohlala-Nies

    1. Yes I do but I always make sure I get the ant-free ones because one year I didn’t look and whoa….but as I said, I haven’t seen ants at all this year. Don’t know what makes or breaks ant season for peonies. Anyone?

  1. Great pics! Yet another good reason that good ol’ Bedford is the place to be! (torrential rains and unseasonably cold, notwithstanding).

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