The Eagles Have Landed. Oops, Not so Fast.



The Internet is broken tonight. When Shannon Watts of Mommies Demand calls Trump a Feckless Racist and the Philadelphia newspapers are screaming Trump tells a pack of lies, it’s time to be thankful I am a Giants fan.

The best tweet on this subject I’ve scrolled across tonight (and of course I can’t find it now) was that Trump should invite the Patriots tomorrow instead. Ha ha ha.

13 thoughts on “The Eagles Have Landed. Oops, Not so Fast.

  1. Good. The Eagles have some of the nastiest fans on earth. Personally, I think every president ought to stop inviting teams. It’s a lose lose.

    1. Agree 1000% on both counts, especially the latter. Who started the trend of inviting teams? George Bush, or was it before? I hate the idea – what’s the point, other than to divide the nation further.

  2. Good. Had the smaller contingent shown up, the fake media would be all about the ‘principled’ no shows. I’ll take GEOTUS any day over the NFL any day:

    1. What a riotous video clip. What’s Pilot Field? IMHO, Marla wasn’t Donald’s finest choice ever. I give her credit for staying relatively quiet over the years tho, but that’s about all. Who names their child Tiffany Trump?

    1. After her divorce from Donald, Marla made the rounds in sitcoms playing herself as the newly divorced gal in town. But no matter where’s she’s from, I give her credit for staying quiet. That is klassy, even for a gal from Georgia.

  3. Speaking of Eagles, wasn’t it you who a few years ago highlighted the Decorah Iowa Eagles nest web cam? I can’t tell you how many hours my wife has spent since then watching that web cam and updating me on the eaglets.

    1. Yes. And the Alcoa Works Davenport Eagle Cam too. So wondrous to look at. I’m hooked on Elephant rehab cans this year. How are the Decorah eagles doing?

      1. OMG don’t get me started. And there are two Decorah nests, one where they always have a hard go of it and another next to a stream or fishery where there is a steady supply of food. But I think it was that nest where the male went missing in action (think he had been with his mate for 15 years, so they think something happened to him). Mom eagle kept things going, and now there is a step dad in the wings. It is an addiction akin to soap operas.

        1. True. I was watching an osprey nest in Maine when the live cam captured an eagle swooping down to the nest to pick off the baby osprey. Nature is awesome, even when it’s a bit sad.

          The grandson of Walter Annenberg started a website of nature cams. Can’t remember off hand the name of the website. Stellar stuff tho.

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