As if Twitter isn’t Bizarre enough….

Brian Stelter of CNN is on a one-person mission to be the lead in the Conspiracy Theory of Where’s Melania?

Not that I’m keeping track (I have a full life) but others are obsessed why Melania hasn’t been seen in public for days, to the insane degree CNN has created a graphic.

The theory that has gained the most traction is that she’s been abused by Donald and is in hiding, letting the bruises heal, filing divorce papers. Sigh.

I’m busy doing real things today, despite the horrid rain and cold temps. Looks like rain today and tomorrow too. The peonies that bloomed are now a mess because of the torrential rains overnight. Came down in sheets around 1:15 this morning.

Happy Monday and if you spot Melania, holler. 😂😂

17 thoughts on “As if Twitter isn’t Bizarre enough….

  1. I picked the wrong day yesterday to return from California. My condo is so damp and cold feeling inside I’m tempted to turn on the heat to dry it out.

    Looking back at when Michelle was First lady, there were long stretches of time when she was absent and no one cared.

    1. Same here – the house feels damp and cold inside. This is the only time I’ll use the hashtag #Resist, as in #Resist turning on the heat in June.

    1. Good use of the Samantha Bee Catchphrase. Now that we’ve been told it’s a compliment, hey, why not use it all time time? 🤷🏻‍♀️

      Great news for Cos!! Thanks for the link.

      PS: I’m about to head into an appointment til 1p or so where I can’t access my phone. I’m still leaving all comments to be moderated so you’ll have to be patient for them to appear. Sorry I know you (and I) are used to no moderation but with a cranky hater in the midst, I have to weed him out.

      1. When you return, here’s some excellent fodder: someone that can say no/yes at the same time!

        1. Amazing interview. A couple of things ran though my head.
          1. Wouldn’t Clinton have set up parameters for the interview, i.e. no questions about MeToo and the blue dress?
          2. Patterson looked like he was hoping his chair had an eject button. Poor guy.

        2. I never ceased to be amazed at the lies and statements of false equivalence that emanate from the two Clinton criminals and members of their party. Ol’ Bill probably thought it was going to be a softball interview to kick off his book tour.

        3. His body language said it all. He was not happy.
          Juanita has managed to stay relevant after all these years (or maybe more aptly, she’s once again become relevant thanks to Twitter and MeToo.). She often gets left out of any Clinton conversations as Monica claims the limelight. Hey, anyone hear from Paula $800,000 Richer Jones?

    1. I feel badly for Melania. The people who hate Trump want her to be abused, want their marriage to be miserable but I suppose, looking back the conversations about Barack and Michelle’s marriage and Michelle’s constant absences were equally rude from the right.

  2. The CNBC WH correspondent tweeted earlier that he had seen Melania in the WH a couple of weeks ago with her aides. CNN said “that doesn’t count since she wasn’t seen in public and you’re only a reporter”. There has to be some Sun Tsu-ism about not stopping your enemies from destroying themselves.

    1. In a desperate attempt to prove that Melania is alive, someone at the Gold Star dinner tonight posted their own “blurry cell phone” video of Melania. Then of course, the comments came. Stunt double. 🙂

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