And the Winner of the Geography Bee is……

Not you Janet.

Saturday humor, brought to you by someone who slept through Fifth Grade but got a job as Geography editor at USA Today. 😂

8 thoughts on “And the Winner of the Geography Bee is……

  1. One interpretation is Vt, Nh, RI and CT produce enough to satisfy in state demands. Is there something special about Colorado grass? Or is it more akin to bringing back Coors when it was a cool thing to do?

    1. Are you missing the point of the blog post? It’s Wyoming that the USA Today editor has mistakenly selected as Colorado. I had to look twice myself.

      1. Yup. I missed it. I was too busy wondering why four New England states weren’t getting pot from outside their borders.

    1. Back in the day of old computer games, I had a floppy disk for an interactive Guess The State. More often than not, people couldn’t distinguish “the square states”. Swanton, I didn’t see the Wyoming problem at first either.

      I’m not seeing any misspelled word.

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