My Brain


I’m on news overload. Roseanne. Samantha Bee. E’s death and funeral. House full. Old high school friend from Wilmington dropped dead Saturday. Poof, gone in a split second. 71. Brilliant lawyer. Gulp. Another Wilmington peer sentenced to (deserved) eight years in federal prison for sheer stupidity by being the lawyer for a payday loan scam. Lordy Lou, what was he thinking? Money?

Trying to gather my rosebuds but struggling a bit, hence the lack of blogging. Bear with me a bit.

11 thoughts on “My Brain

  1. Was getting worried. It’s strange how events coincide. We had a string of tough news a couple of years ago. It was like every day we’d wake wondering who was going to drop dead. No one went to jail though.

  2. That’s a lot to absorb at once. Turn off the media trash – the double standard is impossible to understand. Stay connected to friends and family because we never know when will be our last day.

  3. We were concerned, then very concerned. Thank you for the update. It’s good to know you’re okay.
    Sorry there’s so much turmoil in your life right now.
    Your readers will be here when you get back to blogging. But please don’t stay away too long.

  4. I’m in California for a week. Take care of yourself. How about a change of pace -watch the Scripps Spelling Bee finals tonight?

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