Hello, Reservations?

Book me a room right away.

The gorgeous 1962 Eero Saarinen designed TWA terminal is soon to open as a hotel.

First of all, bravo for saving the building. Second of all, brilliant that it’ll be remade into a hotel. I would totally stay there even if I’m not flying out of JFK. Wouldn’t you?

My only hesitation is that the interior design is very Mad Men 1960s heavy such that staying there once would be fun, twice, or more? Not sure.

Do I want an authentic TWA swizzle stick? Probably not.

I do wonder legally how one brings back a dead brand such as TWA. Were rights bought to create all the TWA logos? Did someone call Carl Icahn???

From Business Insider, 2014:

Icahn bought more than 20 percent of Trans World Airlines’s stock in 1985, and then preceded to take TWA private, enriching himself with a $469 million payment. At the same time, TWA got laden with $540 million in debt. Icahn then sold the airline’s London routes for $445 million in 1991. The sale was “a killer” for TWA, because the London routes were very valuable. The airline went bankrupt a year later.

In 1993, Icahn resigned as chairman, but signed a deal called the “Karabu ticket agreement,” that allowed him to buy any ticket that connected through St. Louis for 55 cents on the dollar and resell them at a discount. The deal blocked him from selling tickets through travel agents, but he set up Lowestfare.com and made a killing.

The company went bankrupt again in 1995 and eventually merged with American Airlines in 2001, which later estimated that the Karabu deal had cost TWA $100 million per year.

What I can’t decide is if the hotel will be a destination for the rooms, or really will be a hotel for weary travelers whose flights are delayed or cancelled. I think it’ll be a destination but then there’s that whole long term parking and can you check into the hotel if you aren’t a ticketed passenger? Inquiring minds want to know.

Gorgeous sunny day. Lawn mowed. Grocery list made. Kids coming in for the weekend. Have a great Thursday everyone.

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  1. It would be the only reason I’d want to go to JFK. Well, and to get a couple of those swizzle sticks for the bar in the rumpus room. Think they’ll have matchbooks, too?

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