It’s On. Oh Boy, Is It Ever!

In a series of tweets this morning Trump started a barrage fabulous graphics and new Twitter handles. This graphic comes off Reddit, by a subscriber whose name is DrWeeGee. Pretty stellar job!

The Trump tweets, in order:

And the coup de grace,

Could be an interesting day.

In other news, it’s Raining Again. I can’t stand it. I just can’t.

14 thoughts on “It’s On. Oh Boy, Is It Ever!

  1. While the right is cheering Bring it on, the left is digging in its heels just as hard, crying treason, foul, insanity, incompetence, even incontinence. I mean, Clapper went on The View. That’ll set things straight.

    1. Peter is right that the #Resist left is digging in their heels. Ed and Brian Krassenstein are really angry. Ha ha.

      1. Funny. The Krackheadsteins are two looney lefties alright. I prefer my take on Spygate from Gen. Flynn’s son.

        1. They seem like total crook jerks to me but it shocks me how many ppl follow them and consider word gospel truth. As others have said here, the #Resist voice is very loud. Very. And THEY are sure Trump is the crook and will be in jail. The world is crazy.

  2. What no one is paying attention to while Spygate unfolds is that Cuomo passed a bill yesterday granting 24K felon parolees the right to vote in NY. If that isn’t bad enough, the NYC council is voting on banning straws. Has the world gone mad?

        1. Never mind the milkshakes I needed a few stiff vodka tonics at the end of the day!i had three 10 year old girls with me,you could probably imagine the noise level in the car.the moms were texting me are you still alive?

    1. I knew from a young age I was going to be weird because I LOVED Mad Magazine from when I read the it for the first time. It spoke to me. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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