Free Inside a box of CrackerJack?

Yesterday, images of the above commemorative coin started appearing online, Jim Acosta leading the Snark Pack with this tweet.

Acosta’s readers, all fellow TrumpHaters, blamed Trump himself for the coin, accused Trump of designing it, laughing that Trump himself created the words Supreme Leader to describe Un.

But like so much news out of “journalists” today, they jump, then find out the real story is far from their original claim. Funny how that works.

Here’s the real deal on the coins.

Soooooooooo, Acosta later slid in a here’s an update on CoinGate tweet with the above photo as explanation, but as you might imagine, the second tweet went barely noticed, hardly RTd, with Acosta knowing full well his original tweet was going to be taken as fact. David Axelrod also jumped on the CoinGate bandwagon, as I’m sure many others did too. This is how Fake News works!

Totally off topic, a reader sent this meme to me yesterday and since I can’t find a way of creating a whole post around it, I’m going to drop it in here, at the end. Funny.

To wit, my favorite reporter Sharyl Attkisson thinks the shit is about the hit the fan. Tic tic tic.

Happy Tuesday. The sun yesterday was a welcome treat but it was short lived. Today is cloudy with a chance of meatballs, rain too. Bah humbug.

9 thoughts on “Free Inside a box of CrackerJack?

  1. The complaints over the coin are that Trump’s image is on it, apparently the only commemorative coin in the series to depict people. That’s what has the left heads exploding. They don’t care that Trump didn’t have anything to do with the design, they just don’t want to see his face.

  2. I guess they should have stuck to the Obama script of sending foreign despots a C-130 filled with commemorative $100 bills.

    1. Obama will be writing plenty of scripts thanks to his new Netflix deal. He’ll have his own late night show soon. Heeeeeere’s Barack!

    1. Ha ha. I saw that earlier today and was going to post it as a comment on FWIW but gorgeous sunny day (translation: rainy stinking lousy day) got the better of me.
      Sell the house. It’s that simple.

        1. The Supremes sang Put on a Happy Face??? News to me & I thought I knew my Supremes pretty well.

          The weather is utterly debilitating. So much gloom and rain gets to one after a while.

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