Car Quiz – UPDATE!!

[If you’ve taken the quiz already and want to know more, scroll to the end]

Name the Make, Year and Model. Your time starts now…

Here’s the catch. A reader owns this car and sent me the photos but when I emailed said reader to ask for permission to post the photos and the whole For Sale listing, I didn’t hear back. So, for now, even if you do guess it, I have to await permission to post more.

1972 Fiat Sport Coupe, for sale at the upcoming Greenwich Concours D’Elegance Auction, June 3.  Good Luck Cos.

23 thoughts on “Car Quiz – UPDATE!!

      1. I’ll try a 124 , possibly a coupe but more likely a spyder, maybe 1972. Promise this will be my last and final guess.

        1. You and Holden got there.
          1972 Fiat Sport Coupé.

          Now, if only I’d hear back from the reader who sent me the pix and link to its upcoming sale at auction, I’d post more. Hang on…..

  1. No guess from me. I don’t know my cars.

    If you don’t hear back from the reader to publish more, you can always blog about Trump’s Sunday tweetstorm and today’s fallout.

    1. The left and right are at total odds about who is mentally deranged on this subject. I think I’ll wait til the feeding frenzy dies down a bit before blogging about it.

  2. I had no idea on the car…pathetic for a Michigan girl raised on gmc funds.

    Old topic: how did you find ken burns’ Vietnam documentary? Do you think he is biased? I’m looking at some documentaries for school, and keep feeling like he is hiding some agenda in them.

    My trust issues are rearing their egotistical heads again. I’m also sensing seeds of something sjw-ish with Meghan Markle, but I can’t/don’t have time/desire to really flesh it out.

    Yay for beautifula weather, at last!

    1. The Vietnam documentary reviews go by who was asked. My Navy brother-in-law who served on a Destroyer during the war thought the documentary was superb, spot-on, hit high marks for lots of stories that were previously untold or undertold. He also believes that MCain is the only voice of reason left on the planet, so there’s that.

      I thought it was very good albeit very graphic, to the point I thought some of it was gratuitous, although for sure the war was gruesome and deadly. I felt Burns did show some of his political side in the commentary. I don’t know what your boys tolerance is to seeing dead bodies on TV so be forewarned. You might need to sit at the fast forward button. What was really good about the documentary was the history of Vietnam and how many countries have invaded it. From that vantage point, of history, the documentary is very good.

      You’re sensing a sjw about Meghan Markle? It’s all over her. The media have turned her into the warrior princess, fighting racism with a single black gene and defending feminism one county estate after another. The press wants her to be Diana, fighting the royal image, being the biracial American who changes the entire monarchy. Ha ha ha.

      1. Thanks, I recall you saying that before. Much to my chagrin my 13 yo can’t get enough blood and gore, but the little guy is sensitive.

        I hadn’t spent a moment thinking about the new princess prior to the wedding…sometimes it’s nice to live under a rock😳

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