Okay, I Watched The Royal Wedding

I turned the TV on around 6:30 and had to tough it out through the “fill the time until the car arrives” yapping TV anchors, but once the ceremony started, it was fun to watch.

The US Bishop got the Royals a bit confused as to what a Sunday Sermon is..can I get an Aaaaamen, aaaamen?

I liked the service. A balance of US and British traditions, relaxed far more than other royal weddings, but then again William’s wedding was as future King. Harry is the spare heir so far less pomp and circumstance.

Meghan’s mom was alone, and that was sad to see. No other family or even friends around her, but perhaps it was easier to be alone than to have people around who aren’t that close.

Mr. EOS was eying the Landau carriage thinking it would make a nice ride into town to run errands!

I wish the couple well. Maybe if they stay out of the limelight they’ll have a chance.

Raise your hand if you watched too.

45 thoughts on “Okay, I Watched The Royal Wedding

  1. Raising my hand. I watched from about 6, flipping channels, settling in on CBS and Gayle King. The NBC girls were impossible to listen to.

    Agree that it was a relaxed wedding and the couple looked genuinely connected, unlike Diana and Charles wedding.

    I thought it was odd that Meghan’s mom sat when others stood.

    1. I noticed that Meghan’s mom sat often too but then I wondered if it only LOOKED like she sat because she is quit diminutive.

      Agree that the “NBC girls” were utterly impossible to listen to. I gave Savannah Guthrie two minutes, the switched. Gayle did an okay job – she knew when to stop talking, although on the CBS team was Tina Brown, who I can’t stomach. There was no real winning team to watch.

  2. We watched. I liked the simplicity of the event. Could have done without Rev. Curry but otherwise, nice. Hard to wait for the couple to walk out of the church. I guess they had to sign papers.

    1. Gayle King said after Rev. Curry’s sermon something like “if you are complaining that Curry’s sermon was too long, you’ve never sat in a black church Sunday service”. She’s right. It was a bit too long and he said the same thing over and over, but in the scope of life, it was the right message about love.

    1. I have admiration for a woman who included reflections of her personal life in a ceremony orchestrated by centuries of tradition.


      1. I noticed that the TV anchors didn’t often want to go there, about Meghan’s former personal life, although Gayle said something about it being very difficult.

        My mom thought it was odd the church allowed Meghan to wear white. She’s been married before.

    2. Oh well. You aren’t alone. Lots of people said they didn’t/wouldn’t watch.
      [This comment was for Anon above – don’t know what it landed here]

    1. I didn’t expect to watch but it is such a rainy cold miserable day, it was something to keep my mind off the weather. Then I got suckered into to the whole thing and quite liked it.

    1. Funny! The Queen has her own parody twitter account. She posted a really goodone today. I’ll see if I can go find it.

      1. Ha ha!

  3. We watched on BBC. Good reporting without the swooning fawning American reporters.

    The moment of the day was the young boy holding the train light up with smiles.

    1. Drat. I didn’t even think to watch on BBC. They are actually replaying the entire wedding so I’m watching bits and pieces of it again, from their reporting vantage.

      Yes, the photo of that young boy has made the rounds today. Watching BBC just now they are calling the young children dressed in white as “bridesmaids”. That’s a first for me. I guess Meghan only had one close friend who could be her adult bridesmaid so opted to use all children instead??

  4. Why were Oprah and Clooney invited? Are they close personal friends with Harry? I con’t see that they would be friends of Meghan.

    Any American political representatives? The Ambassador? Anyone?

    1. I suppose Elton John being invited was a given but no idea why Clooney was invited, although perhaps Amal, being British, is a good friend of the royals? Oprah? No clue why she’d be on the guest list, without Stedman at her side was odd too. Maybe her invitation didn’t have a Plus One?

  5. What do guests who have been invited to the evening party do after lunch? Where do they go? I suppose they all have a place nearby to dress and maybe to grab a quick nap. Heck of a long day, though.
    I watched from about 5:30 on. I’m not ashamed to admit a teary eye or two during the vows. Thought Curry’s preaching was too long. Loved the dress, the pageantry, the queen’s outfit and much more.
    Doria showed lots of class and I wonder if she didn’t prefer to go it alone.

    1. You figure people like the Beckhams have a place in London to go back to for a nap – others I guess have to go back to their hotels. They are so lucky they didn’t have the Rains of Ranchipur we are having today. It has not stopped raining since I got up and it’s coming down very hard now. I have the damn heat on. The heat, it’s May friggin 19th.

      Agree that the ceremony was done perfectly. Simple yet regal. I liked the choice of church, to distance from Will and Kate’s wedding comparisons.

      Lots of speculation on BBC why Doria was alone, why she didn’t have anyone else. She was incredibly graceful looking, you could see she was deeply moved, yet maintained her composure. I wonder at some point, if Meghan and Harry have children, mom will find a flat in London….. or perhaps Meghan will give birth in the USA, making the child an American? Would that happen?

      1. The child will be American, regardless.

        We watched a repeat of the live stream with zero commentary. I’m sure it was better than listing to mainstream American media, but we could have done with some identifying of people.

        1. It’ll be interesting to see if Meghan gives up her American passport/citizenship. She’s applied for British citizenship. Somehow I imagine her request will be granted.

          I watched some BBC review this morning and their anchors were pretty good about identifying people in attendance.

  6. Now the fun begins.

    1. Why is Harry sitting on the left hand side of the jag? Maybe it’s a nod to his American wife or the conversion was on a car sold in the US but it looks a bit odd to me.

      1. I wondered the same. Do you suppose Harry and William actually have legit driver’s licenses and have to pass road tests and wait in line to renew?

    1. I watched some of a CBS show last night hosted by Gayle King, kinda of an overview of the wedding and a look into how the relationship between Meghan and Harry began. What caught my attention was on the third date they “camped under the stars in Botswana”. Wink wink. Third date and she’s flying off with a prince to Africa? I think Meghan saw a plan and went from a C grade actress and decided she’d be better served in Harry’s eyes to become a cause fighter. She spoke out on being biracial. She became a spokesman for the UN! How did that happen??? She is now being pushed by the press as “another Diana, the people’s princess”, even the she’s not a princess. Big mistake to create Meghan as Mother Theresa. It won’t end well.

        1. A peer of one of my kids had a job opportunity in London and turned it down. I don’t blame him, for the very reason of your video.

    1. I’m sure you follow Trump on twitter to note that today he’s going on a tweetstorm about Comey, the WaPo, NYT, Clinton emails. I smell a big document drop tomorrow. Something is about to happen. I feel it in my bones. I suspect whatever Trump knows or is going to do was to happen Friday but Friday’s news was full of awfulness.

        1. What do you make of Nunes? There seems to be a split decision, even among conservatives.

          I’m making popcorn just in case tomorrow is a good day.

        2. Make a ton of popcorn. It’s gonna happen. Oh yeh it is.

        3. Nunes? What I’ve seen, I’ve liked – was not aware of the “split decision” aspect. By the way, I’m not a conservative, I’m a “Kick all the slimy bastards out that want to turn this country into a banana republic” kind of person.

        4. One more tidbit to drop.

    1. The video that auto-played after the Friends one was the Greeeeeeen Acres skit he did – was it SNL? I don’t remember when he did that, but it was funny.

      Rosenstein just released a statement that has the Left all SURE it means every GOP and Trump will go to jail tomorrow and the Right feeling the same about every Dem.
      Should be interesting.

      1. It was the 2006 Emmy Awards… remember when Trump was just a successful Democrat that everyone wanted to be pals with?

  7. I didn’t see any reflection at the wedding of Meghan’s Jewish roots. Perhaps they weighed all their options and decided the media would be give her greater approval ratings celebrating her half-black roots than doing the Hava Nagila at the reception?

    1. Good point. Who is Jewish, her father I presume, and was she raised Jewish, such that she had a Bat Mitvah? I don’t know anything about her religious upbringing.

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