I don’t know what I find more shocking…

That Stop’n Shop slaps a ridiculously high price on broccoli crowns…

Or that seemingly everyone else didn’t balk and bought out the shelf!

I’m a 99c Broccoli Gal myself, a price often at Shoprite. I don’t do gouge prices.

I went to get my hair cut this morning and my hairdressers shop, and much of Bedford Village, is without power, from yesterday. I saw a NYSEG truck working on a transformer so that must be where the trouble started. Long time for businesses to be without power!

The rain has finally let up, as of 1:30 today. I think I’ve sprouted barnacles tho, what with the immense amount of rain we’ve had. It’s so emotionally debilitating. I need sunshine!!

Absolutely nothing of consequence to blog about. Do your thing if you’ve got something interesting to add!

5 thoughts on “I don’t know what I find more shocking…

  1. This might be more pressing than the price of broccoli. God I hope this falls hard on the Clinton’s.

    1. Skeptical. I don’t know who Paul Sperry is and there are a lot of probable and maybes in that message. I’m not holding my breath.

      Update: I checked out Paul Sperry Twitter feed. Lots of good stuff. Maybe he’s on to something.

  2. I too need sunshine for a good mood.

    Nothing exciting here. Things I’m googling: teen slang 2018 (its amusing AF!) and Imperial Roman recipes (not hundo p they’ll be Gucci) now I feel ridiculous 🤣

    1. Somehow I guess teen slang 2018 is far more lit AF as ours was from the 1960s!

      What’s an Imperial Roman recipe?

      The rain has stopped but it’s still not sunny – the heavy cloud layer is resting heavily on my mood too.

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