Custom Built for R.P. McMurphy?*



I tripped across a house listing here in Bedford and sat shocked at the photos of what I presume to be the master bathroom.

I envision Nurse Ratched at the shower hot-cold controls while Chief and RP fight over who gets in the tub……in a room with nothing else, writ Salem Hospital

I can’t imagine what a builder was thinking in this “design”. Note: It’s been for sale for a very long time.

The exterior front is nice enough- a classic Colonial.

But then you see the back of the house and go whoa, what is that…killer, you step inside and see why it hasn’t sold.

Pet Peeve: Listing says house was built in 1931. Show me what is left of 1931. I bet nothing.

*You must know your movie history to get this post!

29 thoughts on “Custom Built for R.P. McMurphy?*

  1. Oh my,I hope it sells and one of our designers gets the decorating job.lots of windows = lots of treatments and we have summer camp to pay for 😂

    1. The back is what is so visually disruptive in my mind. It looks like a huge inn or hotel. Way out of sync with the purported 1931 age.

      Lots of windows is a good thing. I agree. But I’m seeing fewer people put up lots of expensive window treatments today. Long gone are the valances, swags, jabots, and heavy drapes. I see lots of wooden plantation shutters or no treatments at all. But if you have summer camp to pay for, then by all means, here’s hoping the buyer wants yards of Kravet fabrics and you are hired!!

  2. That shower reminds me of a concentration camp. No thanks!

    I ageee, lots of windows is about the only redeeming quality—it all looks so sterile, hard and out of scale. I don’t think anyone will do it, but window treatments would be a way to soften and quiet those spaces. They’re expensive, dusty and generally the style doesn’t last long….

  3. Well… what about this charmer at 161 Hickory Kingdom Road*, Bedford?
    For those cozy nights at home with your nearest and dearest:


    1. That house has been for sale forever and has a long interesting history. It was started in about 2004-5 by a couple whose husband was later arrested and jailed for a ponzi scheme. The house became property of the US Marshal who in turn auctioned it off. When it sold for $1.8, it had been left open to the elements for a couple of years. It was stripped of almost everything by vendors and subs who didn’t get paid. The guy who bought it spent a couple of years rebuilding it and from about 2009 has tried to pawn it off. Started at $9.9. Now down to $6+. I see it selling in the $3 range to a single hedge fund guy as a bachelor swing pad.

      Your * is duly noted. Lots of of strange street names in these parts. Succabone. Mustato. Middle Patent. Hissarlick. Jingle. Narrows.

      1. You forgot the best road name: Mianus River Road.

        The bathroom is beyond creepy, prison like. I clicked the virtual tour link and they don’t show the upstairs at all.

        The weather sucks.

        1. That at least is not unique to Bedford since the river runs into CT.
          I’m clutching and sipping a big mug of hot tea to keep warm. It has rained all day. Alllllllllllllllll daaaaaaayyyyyyyy.

          PS: Where was the virtual tour? I missed that.

      1. I’ve been in the house as a realtors guest and have a good friend who abutted on the back side of this property on East Middle Patent who registered to bid on the Marshal Auction. He had hoped to get it for $1.5 and flip it but got outbid.
        The house is cold, laid out strangely, very unkid friendly, sunken tub, a closed off and relatively small kitchen. No view. I see no merit. It was unfurnished when I saw it so perhaps with furniture it is nicer looking. Doubtful.
        The town put a limit on its use of photo shoots because neighbors were complaining that it was a commercial property. No one has lived in the house full time since it was renovated. That has to say something.

        1. 1. You’re young enough to get in and out of a sunken tub
          2. You’re young enough not to fall in it by accident when stumbling around in the dark bathroom looking for the toilet.

        2. mainly because, when the rubber duckies fall out, i don’t have to blindly fish around for them on the floor around the base of the tub…

  4. It’s too cold and raw outside today to think of anything other than hot chocolate and the fireplace.

        1. I’ll read that in the morning. The rain has gloomed me out. Turning off phone.

          I need sunshine. How’s your California guest quarters for two pale skinned New York seniors? Request a room without a sunken tub. Thank you.

        2. After seeing the luxe travel lifestyle you two are used to, I daren’t risk my hovel as accommodations (the TripAdvisor comments would devastate) and, as luck would have it, our weather hasn’t been top notch anyway:

          i wish i still had the sunken tub. my favorite cold remedy was a hot bath and a full bottle of Wild Turkey 101 by my side – worked every time.

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