Big straw hat, banana drink I can’t remember what it is I think. And my, my, my – my key lime pie [cookies]

Raise your hand if you knew blog the post title was a Kenny Chensey song! Not I.

Anyway, the post isn’t about good country singers – it’s about Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies, their newest flavor, Key Lime.

Looking at the bag in the grocer’s shelf, we thought, mmmmmm, how could that be bad? Milano, mmmmm, not Alyssa though. Key lime, mmmmm. Chocolate, mmmmm. Great combination. Sold.

Opened the bag yesterday as part of our we planned an outdoor bbq party but it was so rainy and cold we stayed inside Mother’s Day dessert tray.

Everyone agreed they should be delish……BUT, not so fast. They were pretty bad. Not any lime flavor that we could detect and lo and behold, not any lime or lime-related ingredient. Natural flavors at the end of the ingredient list is the only thing we figure is how PF got to call these Key Lime, by adding a couple of drops of a key lime flavoring.

Bottom line, if you see these and think, wow that’d be great, pass. It’s too late now but in hindsight, I wish we had done a blind taste test to see if anyone not knowing they were marketed as lime could taste the lime. There’s a whiff of lime when you open the packaging, but that’s it.

Cold, dreary Monday. Did I say cold? How cold it it? So cold I have a fire going and am even contemplating turning the kitchen radiant heat on. By tomorrow they say it’ll hit 85 but have major thunderstorms so what good is the warmth without sunshine? Nothing, IMHO.

Have a great day. Here’s the Kenny Chesney song.

14 thoughts on “Big straw hat, banana drink I can’t remember what it is I think. And my, my, my – my key lime pie [cookies]

  1. I waked this morning with friend and had gloves and a hat on. I might need a trip to California to warm up.

    I love the original Mint Milanos.

  2. I was tempted by Trader Joe’s key lime cookies yesterday but resisted. Remorse set in later. If you have the urge to bake, I highly recommend Land o Lakes recipe for key lime cookies. Lime in the shortbread cookie and in the icing make for a delicious cookie. First time I made them, I used fresh key limes. Cheated after that with regular limes and a little Nellie’s.

  3. i 🧡 Orange Milanos… maybe too much.

    Since the sun is over the yard arm, I thought a little politics might be okay:

    1. Orange Milanos? Is that regional to California? Never seen them on the shelf.

      Hillary Hillary Hillary. I have no understanding of why she continues to complain about women when there are so many very successful women who broke ceilings and don’t spend all day bitching. Maria Bartiromo for example.
      Secondly, who would go hear HRC speak?? Sad.

      1. No Orange Milanos? I’m shocked! I thought they would be legendary across the USA. I like the raspberry ones too, but, the chocolate + orange is a killer combo.

        1. I do my best to skip the cookie and cracker aisle altogether so perhaps the Orange Milanos are there and I just didn’t notice. I’ll look next time at the market.

  4. Went from 50 to 80 degrees in a couple of hours. Tomorrow is supposed to be over 90.

    Do yourself a favor and stay away from Twitter this afternoon. Melania had a procedure on her kidney and the FLOTUS hate is out in full force.

    1. I now have windows open. Crazy weather week.

      Regrettably, I’ve seen that Melania Twitter hate. WSJ article is full of disparaging comments too.

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