Welllllllllllll, Not Exactly What I hoped for!!!!

In the mail today, from The White House.

Addressed to my mother in care of me. Seeing the size and shape of the envelope, I knew that it couldn’t be a response to my request for a photo op because it wasn’t a letter.

Yep, all Mom got was a generic Happy Birthday card with stamped signatures. GYP!!

I could have created the same card on my Commodore 64, using Brøderbund Print Shop floppy disc software. Right?

I’m disappointed. But I’ll keep it tucked away and give it to mom on her birthday nonetheless. Maybe she’ll be happy with it if she doesn’t know that my request was to have a photo op and all I git was a lousy card.


19 thoughts on “Welllllllllllll, Not Exactly What I hoped for!!!!

    1. I didn’t try and smudge the signatures if that’s what you mean about making sure if they are real but I can tell – there’s no ink per se. I am sure these cards are printed by the thousands and the copy is added on as needed.

  1. Time for the big guns: call Michael Cohen!

    Seriously, don’t give up. Keep up your efforts. Someone may yet be able to wangle this for you. Keep those cards and letters coming.

    1. I’m not holding out much hope for more. As I’ve said before, the people I know who are really well connected would die a thousand deaths before making a call about Trump. It’s the way it is. If mom doesn’t know that I asked for more, maybe she’ll be happy with this. Heck, her eyes are getting bad so perhaps she won’t even know the signatures are stamped!

      1. I wouldn’t be above putting the arm on a well-connected friend if I were in your position.

        Failing that, send a heartfelt appeal to Ivanka and/or Melania or even Ivana (I read she and the Donald still talk regularly). You never know.

        1. It’s one of those debatable things – I think the reason I have some extraordinarily well-heeled and well-connected friends is I never ask for a favor. I suppose well-connected people expect being asked for favors. It’s not my comfort zone.

        2. There are times and circumstances when it is well worth the risk to venture outside one’s comfort zone. If it works you’ll never regret it. If it doesn’t, at least you’ve tried. Your motive is pure, and no true friend will ever resent or blame you for doing so.

  2. Hey, I think this is great. I bet not every 100 year old gets a note from the President. I think your mom will be thrilled.

  3. I don’t know how this works, but are you hoping/expecting trump to come to your Mom? Find out where he’ll be in public on a given day and get your Mom in his vicinity! Voila! Bibi

    1. No no. Not asking Trump to come to mom. Asked his office if mom could go to the White House or NYC for a thirty second meet/greet/photo.
      Mom is slowing down a bit this year so even if Trump was nearby, she couldn’t stand in line for hours waiting to see him.

        1. Unfortunately I saw Steyer talking about the ad and realized it was not The Onion. It should be. But alas, Steyer’s hatred makes this ad real.

        2. Ask Soros, the Clintons, the Rothchilds, et al. Offhand, I’d say to make more money and to be considered “powerful” – one man’s ‘evil’ is another’s investment opportunity.

  4. Back in the early 1960’s a distant aunt of mine received a congratulatory Western Union telegram signed by John F Kennedy shortly after her 100th birthday. As far as the family knew no one had ever contacted the White House regarding this, so it always remained a mystery as to how it came about.

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